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Welcome to Middle School Virtual Science!

My name is Ms. Girard, and I am excited to be your virtual instructor for your middle school science course. Please read through the following important information about your course.
Please print out this welcome note and put it in the front of your science notebook for reference.
You will also want to put a copy of the “Success Guide” and the course “Pacing Guide” in your notebook.
*The “Success Guide” will help you maximize your progress in Odyssey and minimize your frustration. *The “Pacing Guide” will help you monitor your progress, so you will not fall behind in the course.

My Gmail address is . Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Also, if you see I am available on Google Chat, you are welcome to chat with me. If we decide you need additional help, we can arrange to meet online in my virtual office by setting up an appointment during one of my virtual office hours.

You can access your course from any computer with internet access. You will need to log on to your course through the VCS Student vPortal using your VCS log on information. You will then click on the Volusia Virtual School icon which will take you to the VVS landing page where you will access general information about VVS as well as links to your VVS online courses.

Once you click on your course name, you will end up on the course landing page where you will find a “Welcome Letter,” a “Success Guide,” a “Pacing Guide”, a link to your required weekly self-assessment, and a link to your Odyssey courseware. Note: At times, you may need to re-enter your log on information on the Odyssey homepage to access your courses in Odyssey.

ATTENDANCE: You must log on and work in your course every school day to be counted as present. You also must keep...

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