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1. In the following situation identify the implied population.

A recent report on the weekly news presented the findings of a study on the effectiveness of Onglyza, along with diet and exercise, for treating diabetes.

Answer: As part of the treatment for ‘diabetes’, there was a news clip for the effectiveness study, along with diet & exercise. The implied population is all the people used to test the effectiveness of the ‘Onglyza’ through diet & exercise. A link is posted on the bottom;

2. In the following scenario identify the type of statistical study that was conducted.

A Gallop poll surveyed 1,018 adults by telephone, and 22% of them reported that they smoked cigarettes within the past week.

Answer: An observational study because the sample population that was studied was not influenced by the researcher themselves, & it involved research in work to do.

3. In the following scenario what is the statistic and the parameter it would estimate.

A recent study of 460 drivers age 70 and over by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 75% of those drivers had uncorrected vision problems.

Answer: The report of the ‘traffic safety administration’ reported that 75% (345 people) was the reported statistic from the 460 drivers of 70 or older drivers. I feel the assumed parameter would be the population of drivers that had uncorrected vision that were 70 years old or older.

4. What type of sampling procedure was used to collect the data in the MM207 Student Data Set?

Answer: The sampling procedure used, believe was the ‘Conveyance’ sampling because this was a population which was readily available.

STATISTICS, MM207, ‘Midterm Project’ Andre Bergman, 4-20-2014 Page, 2 of 3

5. From the MM207 Student Data Set identify one...

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