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Migration Management

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Migration management: an approach for improving strategy implementation [[missing key: loadingAnimation]]
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Migration management employs two core perspectives to achieve better strategy implementation - a future state description that considers identity and a migration path charts action. With the intermediate future state and the overall migration path as guides, managers can translate the migration path programs into specific projects and initiatives.
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Most strategies don't deliver the results promised. Many line executives explain the problem by reminding us that "strategy is easy, but execution is hard." The challenge of strategy implementation is that after top management endorses a strategy concerted action by line management never develops. This because of five critical challenges: * Synchronizing the long time horizon of strategic thinking with the short-term focus required for action planning. * During business planning, distinguishing between strategic "fit" and what's most important to do next. * Maintaining the distinction between strategic ends and tactical means. * Balancing constancy of purpose with the reality of business cycles and market perturbations. * Coping with the fact that strategy implementation is both deterministic and emergent.
To resolve these challenges, migration management employs two core perspectives - the future state description considers identity and the migration path charts action: * Future state description - Who do we want to become by the end of the strategic time-frame? * Migration path - What is a plausible and coordinated sequence of actions that will get us to our desired future state?
The use of these two views in combination distinguishes migration management from conventional strategy implementation approaches. Migration management offers companies the ability to start the annual planning process by asking "what actions do the gaps between our current state and future state suggest?" and finish it by asking "if we do these things, will we reach our future state?"

Gary G 2009. Migration path for major retailer, Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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