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Crucible paper Throughout time and history man has always fear what differs from itself. Whether it be skin color, sexual orientation or religious beliefs; we’ve hunted that which is different from us. In today’s day we’d like to think we have grown pass these urges, but unfortunately we almost certainly do the same thing we did during the Salem witch trials in the 1600’s just minus the hangings (sometimes), and that’s what I’ll be discussing today by comparing events from the past 150 years to the crucible. But before we start here’s a quick over view of the crucible. The crucible is a play about a group of women who were practicing witch craft which is punishable by hanging because it is a sin. The got caught and to cover their tracks they lie on towns people they dislike claiming they are witches. The only way for the town’s people to avoid death is to lie which is also a sin, so they basically get charged with a sin and gave to sin for their life which challenges their beliefs. So to truly start this paper I would like to talk about the trials of the African American people. The African American people have been hunted since we gained are freedom in the 1860’s. As soon as we got are freedom the Caucasian people refused us basic living rights because we were different. If you were black and caught by the racist they lynched you, Lynching is when a person is hung from an object and for an alleged event, kind of like in the crucible they were different so they hung. Caucasian’s where so afraid of blending with the black community that if you were black and talking to a Caucasian female they would kill you like the events of Emmett Till. you’d think it would change in my time but it’s just covered up more, for example the Fergusson Missouri police have be known to ticket blacks no matter what and turn it into a game to see how many tickets they could give...

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