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Military Drones

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The Use of Armed Military Drones Should Be Banned

The shape of warfare was changed dramatically over the past decades. In 2001 the armed military drone (unmanned aerial vehicle) was first used in warfare in Afghanistan (Schmit, E. (06.11.2002.)). Recently the world’s praise has been directed towards the military drone, which seems to be the perfect weapon for destruction. Although used more under Obama than Bush (Tschida, T. (26.09.2012.)) and responsible for the deaths of a number of Al Qaeda members the UAV has not been immune to criticism (Volker, K. (27.10.2012.)).[1] Drone attacks can be blamed for a growing irresponsibility as they create an emotional distance between the target and the attacker and lessen the possible losses. Furthermore, they have in no way eliminated the risks of collateral damage not to mention the unresolved issue with [3] promotion of warfare and extrajudicial killings as such. Therefore, the use of armed military drones should be banned.
Military drones create more incentive for pilot irresponsibility. Not only does the distance from the actual warfare reduce the ability to fully comprehend the situation, but it also lessens the responsibility felt for the actions as the emotional contact is lacking and the pilot is in a safe situation where a mistake doesn’t mean possible harm coming to him/her. A comparison is often made between flying a drone and playing a video game. The similarity is so clear that even the United States Air Force uses video games to test potential UAV pilots. Furthermore, this approach decreases the training time dramatically, which leads to pilots with possibly no field experience and a lack of emotional readiness making decisions of life and death when drone strikes are used (Brooks, M. (13.06.2012.)). This effect will be intensified once fully automatic drones will become the standard of modern warfare.…...

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