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CBRN Room Maintenance SOP
Table of Contents

1. CONCEPT Page 2















AFZP-VSA-CO 16 June 2014



1. CONCEPT: This SOP contains information and guidance from many sources. It is intended to simplify the task of learning CBRN room maintenance operations, provide a ready reference for CBRN room maintenance operations, and convey the commander’s intent concerning maintenance of equipment stored in the CBRN room.

2. PURPOSE: To establish procedures for the maintenance of equipment stored in the unit CBRN room.

3. APPLICABILITY: This SOP applies to all personnel assigned to the unit. 4. RESPONSIBILITIES:

A. Company Commander:

1) Ensures assigned personnel follow procedures addressed in this SOP.

2) Ensures that all unit personnel and equipment are ready to perform their primary mission in a contaminated environment.

3) Includes CBRN Defense training as part of the overall training strategy for the unit. Commanders will analyze their mission...

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