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Should The United States Militarize Its' Borders
What does the word territory mean to you? Could it mean simply an area of land that is ruled under the jurisdiction of a state or leader? Territory is one of the never ending battles humans of the Earth will face. We fought over it hundreds of thousands of years ago. And we are still fighting over it today. The battles we face today are different that in the past. Today the United States are fighting to keep the U.S. of America free and not overrun. But is that victory we envision in our future worth the cost it will entail. The only thing that is separating the United States border and Mexico’s border is simply an imaginary line. It is nothing we can see just what we are told is there. Then there are the official structures, the fences and wall and the use of border patrol agents to enforce the laws and boundaries. Yet you still have illegal immigrants crossing into United States territory without permission. What can we do to solve this issue at hand? We can invest in the use of heavy force. We can militarize our borders. Militarization is the organization or aggregation of military force in a territory. (Wickham, n.d.) The United States can send thousands of men and women to the borders to stop this from occurring. They can increase the size of the fences and walls. Invest in drones and spy planes. The only problem is how many will it take, or how will this affect the economy of the United States. This could lead to higher costs for equipment and supplies. The United States could end up pulling citizens from their current jobs and taking them away from their families to watch the borders. How long will this take? Could this be done any other way?
First and foremost with the inherit threat of terrorism should be reason enough to feel the need to secure our boards. Secondly is the economic burden our nation is suffering due to supporting the illegal aliens. Third is the over load of task it will relive the local law enforcement so they are able to handle local issues more effectively and create safer local environment’s.
The lack of security of our boards with Mexico is extremely real threat to terrorism in our country, even more so with the risk of terrorism ever increasing. With approximately 60,000 undocumented “OTM” (other than Mexican) illegal aliens crossing the boarders each year is a highly potential risk alone. Not to mention the increasable amount of OTM’s that have been detained the rise in the numbers that they have had connections to different terrorist’s cells. Within the last year they have discovered literature on radical Islamic belief’s and books on suicide bombings. Also they have detained two known terrorists’ operatives crossing the border near Naco. Granted the vast majority of this information will be keep from the public to reduce the risk of a public panic and uprising against the illegal aliens as whole. Couple that with illegal importation of narcotics and other smuggled goods into the United States, the possibility of terrorist illegally coming into the country and smuggling weapons is a very real risk. Retrieved from
Our government assistance programs have been and continually take a large burden economically. Simplest way to put this into perspective is we have illegal aliens flooding our boarders daily, with the numbers of children rising roughly 360% yearly. These children are granted health care, education, food, and shelter. Where does the majority of these funds do come from? Taxes. These taxes are paid for by citizens who work and contribute to them. These children aren’t able to pay for the benefits they are receiving and the adults who accompany these children do not pay taxes. Here are just a couple examples of the numbers involved with this. The cost of education alone for k-12 for illegal aliens’ minors alone last year was 7.4 billion alone. Medical care alone is estimated at 200 million in unreimbursed health care. That’s just two examples of the cost that the already overburdened American tax payers face. Last year an estimated cost 5.7 trillion was spent altogether in housing, education, health care, and also dealing with the illegal activities and incarceration of many illegal aliens. Retrieved from
The effects of local law enforcement agencies’ of the local communities where the illegal immigration numbers are rising range from limited resources and knowledge on how to handle the tactics the cartels are adopting from modern terrorists to being out numbered. Many officers in these areas are hopelessly out manned and underpowered. The local law enforcement is trained to deal with civilian crimes, not crimes involving the cartels. These gangs and cartels use tactics adapted from terrorist acts for the simple fact they are effective and our law enforcement haves their hands tied on how to handle these crimes. Cops should be dealing with traffic crime domestic crimes and so forth. When these member are involving automatic weapons and explosives and military tactics they stand little no to chance. They are not trained to handle that kind of criminal contact. Not to mention with the danger of these actions the local law enforcement must engaged these activities. While more attention is paid the increase of gang and cartel violence the rate of “local crime” is steadily rising because the inability to combat both. Quite honestly one cannot reality expect the local law enforcement to handle or want to handle even at that. The employment of troops to protect these areas is more than a reasonable thought because they are trained and experienced in dealing with these kinds of acts of engagement.
Militarizing the boarder has proven to be a real threat to the population. Many people have been killed and left to die, the extreme measures that are taken to prevent people from crossing, and the excessive force used is unnecessary. When men, women, and children of the same blood have been killed and starved due to discrimination or even lack of care for their culture or race, it is neither fair nor humane. This country preaches and teaches about equal rights and focusing on everyone being able to be free, but it’s not equal to everyone, the people on being held the boarder continue to fight mentally. The United States also references the Christianity and the belief in God via nation songs and pledges, and for the government to believe strongly in one religion, it has to focus on parts of the book that state which states, “Do unto others as you would like for them to do unto you”, Mathew 7:12. Imagine the stress and hard ship of not having a meal and clean clothes, being tortured, racially profiled, and constantly judged for being human. Militarizing the boarder causes division and a separation when we promote equality for all.
Adding weapons and armed police promotes violence in communities. There are lists of people feeling unsafe due to the recent addition of armed border patrol. Many Americans are getting hurt in addition to officers that are serving the country. When the load of people
Many people are affected in the area surrounded, violating rights and ignoring community wishes as stated in the 2014 article Arizona Groups Call Immigrant Rights to Not Sell the Boarder. This article shows the depth of how people are taken advantage of and the harm, militarizing the boarder does to the country. Coming from another country it would seem like America is the ideal place to be, to have that one taste of freedom, breathing without wondering if it is ok to practice your personal belief, or wondering the next time you will eat a meal. To others America is a change in education and culture allow the opportunity to lose the person they use to be and become a new free individual. Militarizing the boarder cuts off any ties to family and learning what it feels like to even touch US soil. Border control currently is ln the most conversational topics when coming to regulate U.S. borders. Many people come from South America and Mexico seeking freedom, opportunity, and the American dream. People immigrate to the U.S. also to grow legal and illegal businesses; through this America has been having thriving business through the help of immigration. However some of the immigration has given way to crime. Crime will happen either way. The United States has tried and persevered when coming to regulate the borders of Mexico and Canada. The ease of access for immigrants, and more importantly terrorist can cross between Mexico and Canada with ease. The border controlling Mexico currently is in an unfit state to filter who comes in national soil. The border control agents are subpar compared to having a sized fence control the border. Currently the border consists of desert, river, and highways. The highway is undemanding when it comes to illegal activity crossing the border simultaneously. The rivers albeit dangerous are still possible to cross; lastly the deserts possible to cross at night. Giving control of the border to the U.N. would give an unprecedented access to controlling the borders between Canada and Mexico. The U.N. could then regulate how many numbers of immigrants are granted the right to cross in America after being data checked by a data registry. However this can backfire by the belief of any immigrant willing to come the U.S. will become a citizen. In recent events over 90,000 children flooded the Mexico borders seeking the right to become American citizens. “One is that the criminal armed actors, specifically gangs, are really operating with significant impunity and targeting children at a younger and younger age. Recently there was a very public massacre and dismemberment of children as young as seven who had refused to join the gang. So it was a message to show who is in power, who is in control.” Resnick, B. 2014. The law being anyone born into the U.S. becomes a citizen is here by now being exploited. The U.N. having complete control would regulate how and when children crossing into the border would have the right to become legal U.S. citizens. After a trail period of five years the U.N. would have full complete control of the Mexico and Canada border. The regulations concerning who becomes a citizen could generate an uprising among Americans. Still…everyday there would be ways for individuals to slip past the fence and continue with either legal or illegal intent. America has done an inordinate job at regulating both the Mexico and Canada border. Giving control to the U.N. would reciprocate similar results but with harsher consequences. In the end the border of Mexico and Canada are at a state of consistent risk politically concerning any nation or government body.
"The U.S. Border Patrol simply cannot handle its mission under present restraints. Its job is to protect the American public and preserve the sanctity of our international borders. That cannot be accomplished while our borders are over run by aliens of every nationality and while bureaucrats place unreasonable restrictions on how agents operate. I urge the immediate deployment of U.S. military troops and equipment on our borders to seal them against those who would cause us harm. This could be only a temporary measure to allow us to regain control to again become a sovereign nation." (Stoddard, 2009) With all this information being researched and submitted as our paper. We believe the need to militarize the borders of the United States of America is essential. It is essential to the safety and wellness of all the American citizens. We need to establish and maintain a comfortable economy for us to thrive. We believe after we finalize a well-established lifestyle for the U.S. we can further focus our attention to helping the people needing attention in foreign nations.

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