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Milk Dairy Project

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Table of Contents CHAPTER # 1 INTRODUCTION 2 1.1 Context and Preliminary Investigation 2 1.1.1 Topic Background 2 1.1.2 Topic of the System 3 1.1.3 Purpose of Implementation 4 1.1.4 Target Audience 4 1.1.5 Problem Context 5 1.1.6 Rationale 5 1.1.7 Objective of the System 7 1.1.8 Functionalities 8 1.1.9 Evidence for Limiting the Project Scope 11 1.1.10Resources Needed by the Project 12 1.1.11 Project Success Criteria 12 1.1.12 Project Feasibility Report 12 1.1.13 Project Scope Statement 14 CHAPTER # 2 PROBLEM DESCRIPTION 15 2.1 Problem Background in a Non-Ambiguous Manner 15 2.1.1 Elaboration of the problem 15 2.2 Proposed Solution 16 2.2.1 Conclusion drawn from the Problem Area Discussed 19 2.3 Why the Problem should be studied? 19 2.4 Importance of Identified Problem 19 2.5 Nature of Challenges and Learning Capabilities 20 2.5.1 Domain challenge 20 2.5.2 Technical challenges 21 CHAPTER # 3 LITERATURE REVIEW 23 3.1. Domain Research 23 3.1.1 Commodity Trading 23 3.1.2 Algorithmic Trading 24 3.1.3 Advantage of using Algorithms in Algorithmic Trading 25 3.1.4 Web Application 25 3.2 Market Research 26 3.2.1 Similar Web Based Systems in the Market 27 3.2.1 Conclusions Derived from Market Research 29 3.2.2 Benefits of the Proposed System over Similar System Implemented 29 3.3 Services and Technology Growth in India 29 3.3.1 Internet Growth in India 30 3.2 Critical Evaluation of the Literature Review 30 CHAPTER # 4 RESEARCH METHODS 32 4.1 Primary Search 32 4.1.2 Questionnaires 32 4.1.2 Interview 37 4.2 Secondary Research 38 4.2.1 Research of Methodology Selection 39 4.2.2 Research of Web Application Development Platform 42 4.2.3 Database Research 44 4.2.4 System Architecture Research 47 CHAPTER # 5 (Part 1) ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 49 5.1 Analysis 49 5.1.1 Primary Analysis...

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...Study of Consumer Behaviour for Cadbury Dairy Milk By, Group 1 Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Methodologies 4 3. Objectives 5 4 Emergence of chocolate industry in India 6 4.1 Cadbury Company’s profile 8 4.2 Range of Products 11 4.3 Major Competitors 13 4.4 Cadbury Dairy Milk 15 4.5 Pre Purchase behaviour analysis 17 4.5.1 Factors influencing Purchase Decision 17 4.5.2 Age group of people 17 4.5.3 Product Purchased for 18 4.5.4 Preference for Brands 19 4.5.5 Consumption Pattern/Frequency of Purchase 19 4.5.6 Access to Product Information 20 4.5.7 Preference across Cadbury brands 20 4.5.8 Place of Purchase 21 4.5.9 What is preferred? Bar or Isolated Chocolates 21 4.5.10 What do you prefer? Dairy Milk or Traditional Sweets 22 4.6 Major Findings and Recommendations 23 4.7 Conclusion 23 5 References 23 1. Introduction The primary objective of the study is to understand the consumer behaviour and consumer preferences for consuming Dairy Milk chocolates costing Rs 5/-.  A pre purchase questionnaire was prepared for the same and 20 consumers were surveyed.  The respondents were interviewed at Mahabalipuram and Chennai market. Cadbury is the market leader in India with a 68% market share and this was evident when 83% of the respondents cited that Dairy Milk was their favourite chocolate. Our analysis revealed that Cadbury advertisements play a major role in influencing consumption of the product. Cadbury also has very high brand equity and this is......

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...eating chocolate might be one of the methods to reduce stress. James had mentions ‘chocolate is known to be a mild mood elevator, stimulating brainwaves and pushing your stress levels down’ (James 2006). This probably are the reasons people eat chocolate when they are unhappy. Certain kind of chocolate are benefit to our health, like dark chocolate. A small bar of dark chocolate helps high blood pressure patient to reduce their blood pressure (Mark 2009). In mostly, consumers consume product according to their image, styles or self- concept. According to Pettigrew, ‘consumers attempt to enhance their self-concepts by using product’ (Pettigrew 2002). Cadbury have advertise a ‘Chocolate is Cadbury’ campaign on its product, Cadbury Dairy Milk (Cadbury 2007) that have great emphasis on taste. They had create a Cadbury’s chocolate is the chocolate king image and the concept of Cadbury’s chocolate have the original chocolate taste. Consumer may just consumer Cadbury’s chocolate because of the chocolate ‘King’ image. The self-concept will the present at the following paragraph. Self-concept is ‘broad construct that comprises a number dimensions’ Rosenberg (cited in David, Maria & Charles 2011, p.645). In a simple explanation, self-concept is self-images that hold by individuals, each individual have different self-concept. Self-concept has categories into three types of...

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... The company’s main purpose is “Working together to create brands people love" capture the spirit of what we are trying to achieve as a business. We collaborate and work as team to convert products into brand. Simply, “we spread happiness”! Currently Cadbury India operates in three sectors viz. Chocolate Confectionery, Milk Food Drinks and in the Candy category. In the Chocolate Confectionery business, Cadbury has maintained its undisputed leadership over the years. Some of the key brands are Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Perk, Éclairs and Celebrations. Cadbury enjoys a value market share of over 70% - the highest Cadbury brand share in the world! Cadbury is the "gold standard" for chocolates in India. The pure taste of CDM defines the chocolate taste for the Indian consumer. 1.1 In the Milk Food drinks segment our main product is Bourn vita - the leading Malted Food Drink (MFD) in the country. Similarly in the medicated candy category Halls is the undisputed leader. The Cadbury India Brand Strategy has received consistent support through simple but imaginative extensions to product categories and distribution. A good example of this is the development of Bytes. Crispy wafers filled with coca cream in the form of a bagged snack, Bytes is positioned as "The new concept of sweet...

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... Cadbury limited was set up by one man in 1824 called John Cadbury from  Birmingham. In 1824 Cadbury was set up to be a grocery shop. This  changed in 1831 when John Cadbury went into manufacturing drinking  chocolate and cocoa. In 1847 a large factory was rented in Bridge  Street Birmingham. Around the same time John Cadbury was joined by his  brother Benjamin and the name of the business became Cadbury Brothers  of Birmingham.  The turning point of the business was in 1866 when the brothers  introduced the process of pressing the cocoa butter out of the cocoa  beans. The benefits for the Cadbury brothers was that they could use  the butter to make different types of eating chocolate the first of  which was the Cadburys dairy milk.  After this time the brothers moved to the now famous Bournville site  where Cadbury world is situated today. The Cadbury brothers changed  the employer to employee relations for the better by having the  Bournville site as a 'factory in a garden'. Also the brothers  introduced better employee welfare with joint consultation and other  innovations in this area.  2.2.2 Where are Cadburys today?  Today Cadburys are the UK's market leader and are one of the largest  chocolate producers in the world and have opened new business  opportunities by producing chocolate within other countries like  Ireland, India and Pakistan. Cadburys is the confectionery division of  Cadbury Schweppes Plc, which has other big named brands......

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