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Mind Travis Harris Mind-Body Article Review The article i choose was a very simple article that covered basically everything we went over during class. It was an article i pulled from the "New York Times Opinon Page" titled, Exercise and Academic Performance. The articles starts off by stating that the research they based the article on was preformed by the Institute of Medicine, which is part of the National Academy of Science. The findings concluded that exercise was incredibly important to improve childrens academics performance. It went on to explain what the research had found, and the benefits of exercise were greater muscular strength, lower body fat, and better cardiovascular and mental health. The benefit of the exercise correlated with the academics in a way that children were found to be able to focus better, perform simple task quicker, and even have better working memories. The most imporant thing i believe they found was that they preform better on the standerdized test. Which i believe to be quite funny since the part of the reason they are cutting physical exercise from schools is to try to preform better on testing. The reports conclusion stated that students should get at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. The final sentence to the article i think is a strong one, editorial board said (2013), "Physical activity should be a core educational concern, not a dispendable option." Overall i think they article was well written, and made a strong and precise case for allowing phsyical education to stay in schools, with the benefit being greater success in academics. As previously mentioned the article went over facts that we disscuessed in class, which is why the article peaked my interest. I've always felt that the best parts of my elemntary and middle school days was the recess and P.E. classes, i could tell you more about my time spent there than...

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