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In reflecting upon my experiences in Singapore visit last two month, I have nothing but good things to say. Overall, it was a most valuable experience, and I hope I have other such opportunities in my life. It was organized by my course mate in point to visit the Singapore culture. First of all, I truly enjoyed the chance to travel overseas to a place full of diversity and excitement. I have not traveled overseas before, and this experience was incredibly worthwhile. In the past, I have seen the neighbor country, Thailand but never a greater change in landscape, culture, and education as I did in Singapore. It was an utterly remarkable trip! It was a pleasant change to have the majority of Singaporeans, be polite and mannerly -- something that is not always existent in our Malaysia lifestyle. For example, they will not cut the line when buying things, or when using evaluator they will stand aside to let the busy people pass through. The people at this function were again extremely kind, helpful, and conversant, and it made the trip ever so much more easily and save time.

Besides that, I also joined the Society of automotive engineers (SAE) to visit the proton industry last month. It was gratifying experience to explore at proton industry and learn about the proton engines and its other developments. Cam-Pro engine as we know as the most save energy engine in Malaysia, it was development by combining Lotus technology with proton own technology after the proton purchase the Lotus Company. In the trips, we visit emission lab, engine lab,(Component Material Safety and Strength) CMSS lab and noise lab. In addition, I also found out proton industry also related to my own course, telecommunication when came to visit the noise lab. It was about the sound interference inside the car and its influence to engine. It was a amazing visit for me to gain the extra...

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