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An Unquiet Mind
Kamilah Montoya
General Psychology

An Unquiet Mind

An Unquiet Mind, A Memoir, by Kay Redfield Jamison, is about a woman suffering with uncontrollable moods swings that was affecting her everyday life. She believed that pills were not the answer, but indeed was all she needed to survive. Her colleague from a medical school helped her live the life she wanted, and ease her way of thinking. She was in a stressed marriage and in no way, shape or form did she want it to end. She often found herself buried in emotions, and thoughts of suicide.
In this short memoir, there was a lot of discussion about how well this lady knew herself. She knew there were problems since she was an infant, and when she became an adolescent she came to realize that she became depressed. She found her healing through psychotherapy and pills. Even though pills were not the way she wanted, she knew that they were the only thing that could help her. She often found herself depressed and out of her conscience willing to help herself, and not knowing how to stop herself when she was already on the go.
Maniac Depressive Disorder is also known as Bipolar Disorder. It’s a condition where an individual acts abnormally excited, energetic, or irritable. Usually reacts to certain situations more harshly than others. Often found crying and having a negative outlook on life. Also, suicide rates skyrocket out the windows when an individual is depressed. When a person is diagnosed with Maniac Depressive Disorder, then they are more likely to disengage in their social life and sex life.
Maniac Depressive Disorder usually starts showing in late teens and early adults. Usually doesn’t appear after the age of twenty five. Often bipolar disorder is very hard to spot, and some…...

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