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Mental model/Mindsets




AAA Transportation has been a well-established company. The firm deals with transporting wholesale produce which are perishable. The firm has been acquired by new owners and they have identified a new business opportunity. The new idea is to transport nonperishable goods together with the perishable good. Two coworkers emerge and are resistant to this venture. They are citing that AAA is not strong enough to compete and it is not a good idea. What are affecting the two coworkers are the mental models/mindsets. The management will work on changing the mental models/mindsets of the two and include them t in the new line of business. The idea is important to all the staffs and the new owners and when exploited it will make a difference in the company.

Four steps to changing mental models/mindsets

There are four major steps that can be utilized to change the mental models/mindset at an individual who defies change. The first step is to comprehend the power and limits of mental models/mindset. [Crook 2006]. Change is always inevitable. Changing the mindset of a person is not an easy task; it needs time to bring the change. The person naturally recognizes the surrounding of the environment around him. In the scenario of Vernon and Bud, they don’t see the emerging ventures because of the comfort zone in the business. The firm may not have the mighty to compete with other companies at non-perishable goods transportation, but it’s a great opportunity that can reap big in profits.

The second step for change is to test the mental model/mindset against the changing environment [crook, 2006]. This will enlighten people on how environmental changes could bring new chances. The opportunities created are hardly noticeable. After the acquisition by AAA transportation, it wants to increase its operations. Bud has not comprehended fully the change brought by the acquisition. He is against any changes to how business is carried out currently. He should challenge this mindset by evaluating it against the recommended idea to realize which mental mode/mindset is best for the company.

The third step is to overshadow the inhibitors to change. The inhibitors to change are like insufficient information, distrust and the will to cling to outdated patterns. There are major issues that have made Vernon and Bud to defy change. The main ones could be rewards being received, and change could affect their compensation. The management assures all staffs that change will benefit them and not affect them negatively.

The last step is to evaluate the mode and implement it immediately. Vernon should be motivated to embrace and accept new mental models/mindset for them to be beneficial. The models should be launched and assessed closely so as to maintain their relevance. Bud and Vernon should be major players in this process and they should get rewards. This will ensure they have a new perspective to the introduced business and excel in it.

Five forces that influence mental model/mindsets

Personal experiences


Influence by other people



[Griffin, 2011].

Personal experience: This is the most strong and essential force that affect mental model/mindset. When an employee has had a personal experience with the undertaking, the more the mindset will be huge on him. Vernon and Bud have being involved in handling perishable goods. This is the reason they held the idea of AAA continuing with the business. It is an easy task to convince new staffs to join on the new idea than it is to convince Vernon and Bud.

Reward: Rewards influence the mental mode and mindset people to work better where there is a reward at the end. The reward can be financial or non-financial reward. Non-financial reward could be promotion or appreciation. They always encourage people to continue supporting the change for the individual gains. Vernon and Bud refusal to accept the decision may be caused by lack of rewards.

Influence from other people: Mingling with people can influence the mental modes/mindsets. Human beings hold ways and beliefs of people who they interact with. When people hang around, they get their principles and beliefs. This principles and beliefs lead to a special mindset which is very hard to change. Vernon and Bud perhaps encountered with people who fear risk. The special mindset against risk taking drove them against the idea, having the conclusion that risk taking is not quite beneficial.

Education is an important platform that influences peoples mind models /mindsets. It gives the students a lot of knowledge and expertise. People dedicate more than 15 years to Education thus making it very important in molding a person’s mental model/mindset. Education structure ensures that, the amount of information being taught is well understood. The knowledge Vernon and Bud had may have influenced their decision.

Training: There is a major similarity between education and training. Training is carried out on professional and tertiary levels. It covers a specific area and teaches on selected skills only. After training, mindsets maybe affected by this depending on the subject of the training, units and topics covered tutors and the training Centre. Vernon and Bud may have been demotivated about venturing the new markets and rather to be careful through training.

Changing mental modes/mindsets.

There are four steps that can be used to change mental modes/mindsets. Recognizing the power of these mental model/mindsets. (Crook, 2006) It is important to comprehend the mental mode and mindset and how they impact thinking and deeds. Mindset may hinder flourishing of certain possibilities. The management should help Vernon and Bud realize their mental models/mindsets. A showcase on the influence the mindsets have on their prospect will make them ease their stand.

Testing the mental models/mindsets against change within the business environment. (Crook, 2006) It is important for a person to ensure that mindsets are significant on a growing environment. Vernon and Bud should be motivated to evaluate their mental modes and mindsets against change. They should learn that competition is good and healthy, thus shun their outdated mindsets of thinking.

Overcoming inhibitors to change. (Crook, 2006) There is always a hindrance that makes a person shift to his mindset. Mental modes and mindsets have been hard to turn around since peoples mind grasp them strongly. Vernon and Bud might be having major hurdles towards the mindsets. They should be assisted in conquering the issues and welcoming change.

The last step in this process of changing the mental modes and mindsets is changing to the new mental models/mindsets. (Crook, 2006) The new mental model should be implemented immediately. Vernon and Bud should switch to the new mindset. It is important to involve them on the change process for them to accept it fully. Incentives should be awarded to them after a show of hard work. This will adjust their stand about the new venture making it prosper well.

Most commonly used mindset

Reward is my most commonly used mindset. People who are in business always have a reward after the job done. When waiting for a reward I always set my limit high so that the reward can be hefty. When a person receives a reward, next time they put more effort for a better incentive. Every vision of success has a reward at the end of it all. The reward mindset is driven by success to get after the work is done.


All human beings have mental models/mindsets that are helpful to us. They figure out what we see and think. We need to understand the mental models/mindsets and know how to change them for our own best interest. When we embrace change in our mindsets the beneficiaries are ourselves. In this case of Vernon and Bud, when the change is accomplished fully as illustrated in the paper, it will be of great help to the AAA firm. The company will get major profits while the employees including Vernon and Bud will enjoy rewards that come with the change


Crook, C. (2006). Changing mental models in an uncontrollable world. Financial Times

Griffin J. (2011). Creative intelligence.

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