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Minimum Wage Problem

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Throughout the world, poverty plays a horrific role. Poverty can affect all forms and kinds of people rich or poor. This poorness can be caused by a variety of things such as losing a job, going bankrupt, or a person could even be born into it. Poverty could also cause death most likely in the winter for the homeless. Without any money, shelter, heat, or food how are they supposed to survive? Poverties percent increases every year, which means that more of the world’s population is becoming poor. Poorness causes homelessness and homelessness causes death and also an unhappy life. Poverty is a very dangerous thing for the people who are really dealing with it every day of their life. Poverty is also not displayed on television as much as it …show more content…
One solution for this situation is that minimum wage should to be raised by the Government. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour with employees working 40 hours a week which adds up to be $290. $290 is not enough to help a family heading into poverty or in the stage of being or becoming homeless. The Government should raise the minimum wage for the people with those type of jobs, so that they can better their life. In the year of 1968, a family of three could live well and be above the poverty line. If minimum wage can be raised to $10.10 an hour by the Government, a family of three could be raised above the poverty line. A parent that works full time year round does not earn an income over the federal line. The government should fix this problem within the next year because poverty is increasing every day. Creating jobs for the people in need is also another great solution to decrease poverty in areas without many. One of the most effective ways to stop poverty is to maintain a full employment economy. This would allow many workers to raise their families out of poverty. Creating more jobs would get people off the streets and bring money into their failing home the legal way. People and their families are barely surviving through poverty. Fast food jobs with a higher minimum wage which was stated in the last solution would be a huge help. In order to have positive employment rates we must create 5.6 million jobs. At the rate it is

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