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Minimum Wage Should Be Increased

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The debate whether minimum wage should be lowered or increased has been a very contested topic for many years. There two sides to this topic and both have a side to be discussed and agree with and disagree. Even tho everyone believe it should be raise there is also another side and should be lowered. Lowering minimum wage sounds pretty harsh but also has its pros and cons. Everyone can have there own opinion and lowering minimum wage is mine. Lowering minimum wage has its reason like if they do reduce it many jobs will be available and hiring workers and likely not outbalance individuals that are making less money. Also, companies that minimize jobs when minimum wage increases, then there is no benefits to hiring more people to work for them, unless they occupy more workers. If minimum wage is lowered it will help people for example it would lower prices and things will be cheaper. If it is lowered it will allow businesses, mostly smaller business to survive during difficult economic problems. Then it will not affect lower class human race to a greater level. Even if they to raise or lower it i think people should still focus on the fact that looking for a job at least and not doing anything but complaining helps. Just like lowering minimum wage has its reason so does raising the minimum wage would also help economy. I support the fact …show more content…
For example if minimum wage is increased people have more money to spend and things and business would increase or expand. Also more opportunities, so people would be actually spending more and business would expand and would have to hire more workers to keep of with the sales. Even tho good things would happen if they do increase the minimum wage it would also make things more expensive and prices would rise and affect business and a higher cost of living. Families would struggle a bit more and work twice as

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