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Minority Inmates in America

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Minority Inmates in American Prisons
Noreen Harman
ENG122: English Composition II
Instructor January Pearson
July 7, 2014

There is a disparate rate of minorities in the American prison system currently. I will present evidence from scholarly resources proving that the reason why the minority population is so high is due to racial profiling. The judicial system imposes stricter and longer prison terms on minorities because of their culture. Blacks are about eight times more likely to go to prison than whites, which dwarfs black-white disparities in, for example, unemployment rates (2-to -1 disparity), infant mortality (2-to -1 disparity), and out of wedlock births (3-to-1 disparity). L.J. Geo (2010). African American and Hispanic offenders were more likely than whites to be sentenced to prison, especially if they were male, young and unemployed, S. Spohn (2000). Even though there may be a high rate of minority crimes being committed, I believe the reason for having so many minorities in prison is due to the current judicial system stereo typing. In the article Rethinking Drug Courts: Restorative Justice as a Response to Racial Injustice, it talks about the rate of drug crimes committed by minority and longer sentences imposed to blacks and Hispanics. Drug court offers offenders the opportunity to not do time in prison and get court supervised treatment instead. This is beneficial to the families of minorities so they can keep working and providing for their family which in turn reduces the poverty rate and the crime rate along with possibly avoiding imprisonment of their children. The minority prison rate is most high among black males disadvantaged versus middle class minority. The article also talks about blacks in Wisconsin are forty two times more likely than whites to receive a prison term for a drug conviction-the highest such...

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