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Minority Populations in Us Welfare

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Minority Populations in the U.S. Child Welfare System
Diane Blanscett
BSHS 301
November 1, 2010
Caroline Nyairo MSC, Marriage and Family Therapy
Minority Populations in the U.S. Child Welfare System
History of Minority Populations During the 1700s and the 1800s, the United States went through political, economic, and environmental upset that caused a large number of orphans. Most of the children roaming the streets were of immigrants who could not care for them because of economic issues or because they were single parent homes. Society had little tolerance for the children. During the mid- 1800s, there was a shift in attitude toward children because of the number of families affected by the Civil War. Compassion and understanding toward the orphans became the mainstream thought. In addition, there was a shift in religious belief, and that led to the belief that children were to be cared for, and sheltered. During the mid-1800s, families who could not take care of their children could take them to a child asylum for a fee. If the parents could not make the monthly payments, the children became wards of the state. Also during this time, there were orphan trains, which would take the children to farms in urban America, thereby alleviating the number of homeless orphans. Most of the children orphaned and homeless were in the minority population of immigrants.
U.S. Child Welfare Response Over the last one hundred years, the United States child welfare system has changed. Today most children are not homeless, or institutionalized. Either the family will receive aid, or if the home meets criteria as unsafe, the children will go into foster care. In 2003, there were approximately 523,000 children in foster care. Among these statistics, 48% of these have family reunification as the goal of the treatment plan. The ethnicity of these cases are 39%...

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