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Minority Research Paper

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Minority Research Paper
Sharonica White
September 8, 2013
MKTG 310

African, Asian and Hispanic American are the minority target markets in the country. All three of these target market has the own size, location, purchasing power and market potential. This report will evaluate and summarize each target market. 1


Total numbers in the U.S. 44,456,009 (

Percent of the total U. S. population 14.1% (

Rate of growth
9.7% (

Average household size 2.7

Average age 30(

% with college degrees 18% (

Average or median income levels $33,460 (

Geographic location(s) – metro, states, etc. New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Memphis, Detroit and Houston (

Brands that have higher than average purchase for each group UPS, Tide detergent, Oreo cookies, Ragu sauce, Bounty towels, Betty Crocker food products, Wal-Mart and the Gap, specific Japanese and German luxury cars, Google, the iPhone, Nike sports apparel and Microsoft. (

Identify specific products which have above average usage for each group
Beauty and ethnic products, children’s cologne, toiletries for both men and women,...

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