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RE : NSA Instructor's meeting w/ Atty Go.
Date : June 10, 2013
Time : 2:30 pm
Venue : Amphitheater (Attendance attached)


>Atty Go : – Atty Go. was not happy with the result of the last MSAP Result. He is requesting everybody to give full support & cooperation to make it to the top again. – To reproduce Msap questioners and distribute it to students. – To impose Saturday enhancement review not only NSA cadets but also regular students. – Do not be hesitant to fail student as long as it is reasonable and can show proof that he fails (grading system). Most importantly the NSA students because it requires higher standards.

> DR. Son :

- It is our responsibility to discipline our students. Do it in your respective classes. – Those handling 1st year subjects should give more activities , assignments, CBT works, library works . – Should require textbooks and to bring them during classes. – Should have re orientation of 2nd year and 4th year cadets as well as the faculty re: Demilitarization , flag ceremony. – Should have re orientation & to invite Mr. Ely Abella re: Grading system. – Instructors to minimize late & tardiness. Should report to class on time.

The following concerns were also discussed:

– OIC Catalan stressed out that he was given Marcom subject this semester which in fact he knows nothing about the subject .Mr. Nadela, Mr. Mabitad & some other instructors requested that there should be a training on GMDSS and it should be done as soon as possible. And it is also suggested that it can be done here in Cebu for 10 Saturdays.

Prepared by: Mayet K. Gloria Maritime-Document Custodian UCLM

Noted by : Capt. Samuel A. Echin Maritime Superintendent UCLM

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