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I’m a fairly outgoing person once I am comfortable with my surroundings. Although I’m not the talkative type I mostly like to stay quiet and only speak when spoken to. Or if I have an opinion on something I’ll more than likely voice it other then that I often like to keep to myself.

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
– Robert Frost

Intelligence can certainly be measured in different ways. It doesn’t just end in being book smart. I may have a comprehension deficit learn disability that makes it hard for me to fully understand sentences and I may not process verbal/written instructions as well as others, but I do make up for those in what I lack. I have what seems to be what most lack and that’s common sense. I know that’s one of my strong suites and probably something that will benefit me when it comes to getting dealt with situational issues.

“I dread the events of the future, not in themselves but in their results.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

My skills somewhat stem from working on the computer. I have a grasp of how to work both Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word and most of the tools given on the computer. I’d also like to think my creativity has become a great skill of mine and is a great characteristic skill to have. As well as being very versatile in most situations.

I have interests in reading mystery, horror, thrillers, crime and suspense fiction novels I also like to write in those types of genres. I some times like to put myself into those types of scenerios and think what I would have done if it were me. I’m also hugely interested in music singing, listening, playing and writing it. I have this crazy dream about having a career in it one day.

As far as attitiudes go mine depends on the type of mood I’m in. It’s pretty straight forward good day means good postive attitude, and vice versa bad day means negative attitude. I do try not to let my negativeness show. I’m always putting on a happy exterier. Even when I’m in a sticky situation I always try to kep my attitude positive.

I strive to set up goals for myself ones that are not too complicated, but still gives me a challenge. Like a goal of mine for this course is asking for help which I know isn’t all that hard to do, but I for some reason I have this fear of asking someone for help when I don’t understand certain things. I like to think I’ve gotten somewhat better at asking for help though. It’s just not at its full potential yet and I’m working on it. I guess another goal that’s more personal is getting over my anixety. Something I’ve been struggling with since I was a kid. That’s one of the most challenging goals I’m facing till this day.

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