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HDFC slic is one of the leading private company. It is the first private sector life insurance company to be granted a certificate of registration on 23rd October from IRDA.
IT is a joint venture between Housing Development Finance Corporation, India’s leading housing finance institution and a group company of standard life , UK.

Standard life ,UK, founded in 1825, has been at fore front of UK INDUSTRY for 175 years by combining sound financial judgement with integrity and reliability.


Associate companies are :



• Customer service • Value for money for customer • Use of technology to improve service standards • Increasing market share


• Integrity • Innovation • Customer centric • Team work • Joy and simplicity


The company employes nearly around 30000 people at whole
The whole nation is divided into 10 channel development zones.
Each zone is divided into areas or territories.
The famous people associated with company are :

Mr. Deepak S. Parikh Executive chairman of HDFC
Mr. .Gautam R. Divan Former chairman Midsnell group
Mr. Ranjan Pant Global management consultant

People are basically the end users who are using these softwares.
These can be :

1. Customers They login into the sites to know about their account details , for their problems

2. Employers They basically keep the records of their employees regarding their work , their attendance

3. Employees They

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