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MARKETS | No | Question | Answer | 1 | If the Index Increase what will be the effect on Price(a)Price will Fall(b) Price will Increase(c)Price will Unchanged(d)Price Increase or Decrease | | 2 | The purpose of stock exchange Index are those, EXCEPT(a)Judge the prices they may be able to buy or sell(b)Evaluating Performance about price day by day(c)Monitoring Primary activities of business(d)Get clear idea about price changes in Stock Exchange | | 3 | An increase in the index denotes a) Number of shares traded have increased b) Increase in the number of the companies listed c) Rise in the prices of shares d) Decrease in the number of companies listed | | 4 | Which one of the following is NOT the main function of the stock exchange. a) Enabling buyers to purchase bonds b) Enabling buyers to purchase investments c) Enabling buyers to sell their investments. d) Facilitate trading shares | | 5 | Which one of the following can be a function of Stock exchange a) Raising funds for companies that are listed in the stock exchange b) Act as an advisor to the company on mergers and acquisitions c) Maintain foreign exchange reserves of the company d) Recording the transactions executed on the Stock Exchange | | 6 | Which one of the following would you NOT except to requirement of the IPOs? a) Large enough to attract sufficient b) Listed varies around the world c) Rising money be selling shears d) Need to be well-established | | 7 | Companies going for an IPO for following reasons, except; (a) Raising money (b) Increasing public profile and awareness of the Company (c) To avoid ownership dilution (d) Increase liquidity | | 8 | Which of the following indexes and geographical markets ae in...

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Mis Case Study

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...1.)What is PUE, and why is it an important place to start when considering how to reduce data center power consumption? What value of PUE should data center managers strive for? * PUE is power usage effectiveness. This helps reduce the overhead. You want the PUE to get as close to 1.0 as possible and you should measure it as fast as you can, and the more you measure it the more effective it will be. You should incorporate these into your power management centers. 2. Describe the five methods recommended by Google for reducing power consumption. * Measure PUE * Focus on the management of the airflow- used thermal modeling to see what it was doing * Adjust thermostat (increase) * Utilize free cool (temps outside of data centers) * Optimize power distribution * Most are effective within 12 months 3. How much of the world’s global greenhouse gases are the result of computing? List several factors that will tend to retard or accelerate data center power consumption both globally and in the United States. * around 56% worldwide, and only 36% in the United States * This slower growth is thought to be temporary and was due in part to a recessionary environment, and in part to greater efficiencies achieved by the industry. In addition, the growth of cloud computing, streaming of music and video, is expected to accelerate data center growth and power consumption in the next ten years. 4. Where do you suspect that data-center power......

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...1 of 15 Assignm ent 2 Garment Industry Case Study MIS – Garment Industry Case Study 2 of 15 The Business Problem In common with the rest of the UK textile and garment industry, IGL faced problems of increasing competition from overseas suppliers, in particular relatively low-wage “Newly Industrialising Countries” like Hong Kong. In response to these competitive pressures, The Special Garment Group began searching for appropriate strategies to meet the challenge. In early 1983, they hired management consultants to study the future of their contract garments business. MIS – Garment Industry Case Study Organizational Structure CONGLOMERATE INTERNATIONAL GARMENTS LIMITED BOARD 3 of 15 PRODUCT GROUP 1 SPECIAL GARMENTS GROUP BOARD PRODUCT GROUP 3 CHIEF EXECUTIVE PROFIT CENTRE 1 PROFIT CENTRE n COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR FINANCE DIRECTOR DP MANAGER DP MANAGER MIS – Garment Industry Case Study 4 of 15 SADT Diagram Suppliers Retailers Business Objectives & Strategies Policies & Plans Investment Proposal Project Plan Concepts & Business Needs . Flexibility . Responsiveness Production Control MICS Development Project User Training Management Info Education & Training DP Staff (SDC & SGG) Hardware MICS Application Finance Technology MIS – Garment Industry Case Study 5 of 15 Investm ent Proposal 1. increase the proportion of high value-added merchandise 2. improve the speed of......

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...NEW! Hands-on cases and projects: There's no better way to learn about MIS than by delving in. The hands-on practice this text offers through its cases and projects gives students the practice they need to better understand the concepts and applications of MIS. NEW! The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) connection: This text supports the efforts of AACSB to encourage assessment-based education. By using this test, professors can prove that by AACSB standards they have successfully taught students the material that they set out to teach. NEW! Customization and flexibility-New Learning Track Modules: This all-new feature gives instructors flexibility on determining which in-depth coverage they want to include for their course while still providing students with vital insight on key topics. NEW! Coverage ofglobalization - showing how to use IS in a global business environment NEW! Engaging Middle Eastern, Australian and Asian company cases: These new case studies are featured in each chapter, creating a more global learning experience Case Study - Soundbuzz's music strategy for Asia-Pacific p145 Case Study - Modernization of NTUC Income, one of Singapore's largest insurers p102 Opening Case - Al-Mansour Automotive: IT-enabled success p507 Interactive Session - Albassami's job is not feasible without IT p463 Opening Case - Ethical issues facing the use of technologies for the aged......

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...Calendar Overall for Case-Study Presentation & Mid-Term Exam – MGT 4760 (Strategic Management) Sem 1, 2012/2013 Sec 8 (M-W) No. | Week | Topics | Class Day | Date | Schedule | Details | | 1 | Chapter 1: The Nature of Strategic Management | 1- Mon 2- Wed | 10/912/9 | | | | 2 | Chapter 2: The Business Vision and Mission | 3- Mon 4- Wed | 17/919/9 | | | | 3 | Chapter 3: The External Assessment | 5- Mon 6- Wed | 24/926/9 | | | | 4 | Chapter 4: The Internal Assessment | 7- Mon 8- Wed | 1/103/10 | Quiz 1 (Chapter 1.2.3) | | | 5 | Chapter 4: The Internal Assessment | 9- Mon 10- Wed | 8/1010/10 | | | | 6 | Chapter 5: Strategies in Action | 11- Mon 12- Wed | 15/1017/10 | | | | | BREAK(22/10 – 28/10) | 13- Mon 14- Wed | 22/1024/10 | | | | 7 | Chapter 5: Strategies in Action | 15- Mon 16- Wed | 29/1031/10 | Case Presentation Session 1Case Presentation Session 2 | Group 1:L: Lia Hilaliah (Case Study 3)Group 2:L: Mas Syairah bte Mohamad (Case Study 5) | | 8 | Chapter 6: Strategy Analysis and Choice | 17- Mon 18- Wed | 5/117/11 | | (Mid-Term Exam 7/11 Wednesday)Seminar Room 1.1 | | 9 | Chapter 6: Strategy Analysis and Choice | 19- Mon 20- Wed | 12/1114/11 | Case Presentation Session 3Case Presentation Session 4 | Group 3:L: Mohamed Sheikh (Case Study 9) Group 4:L: Izzati Nor binti Salleh (Case Study 14) | | 10 | Chapter 7: Implementing Strategies: Management and......

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...MIS (Spring 2007) Information Systems Theory and Practice Professor: Professor Jason C.H. Chen, Ph.d. Class time: Tuesday (February 27 – June 16) E-mail: URL: Office: to be announced Office hour: to be announced and by appointment Required text: 1. Pearlson, K.E. and Saunders, C.S, Managing and Using Information Systems, Wiley, 2006 (3nd edition) 2. A package of Harvard Business School Case Studies Additional Readings and Cases: Class handouts as needed. Course Description and Goals This course is designed to provide the current and future managers with understanding and appreciation of the issues that are related to the organization’s information technology assets. The course is not to educate technical specialists, rather, it is to give students a managerial perspective on the use of, design of, and evaluations of information systems that exist in organizations today. The objective of this course is to prepare students to manage information services in both today’s and tomorrow’s environment with its managerial, social, political, ethical and global issues. Conduct of the Course All students are expected to read the assigned materials (text, end-of-chapter discussion board questions (DBQ) and Harvard Business School case studies- HBC) before coming to the class. Some days we will discuss the materials in the text book. You are expected to be......

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...International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance, Vol. 1, No. 1, June, 2010 2010-023X Information Technology roles in Accounting Tasks – A Multiple-case Study Maria do Céu Gaspar Alves Abstract—Nowadays the business world is changing at a faster and faster pace. The reasons given for this is globalization, highs information technology (IT) investments and the rapid pace of technological change. Organizations are responding in different ways and at different rates to the wide range of IT based opportunities and pressures. The purpose of this paper is to focus on the effects of IT related organizational changes on the management accounting function and to contribute to the body of knowledge about to what extent IT affects the ability to solve accounting tasks. The relationship between IT and accounting practices was investigated qualitatively using six case studies and we will measure the impact of IT on accountants’ tasks. The findings suggest a tendency for change and the decentralization of accounting tasks. Index Terms—Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Financial Documents, Information Technology, Management Information System. I. INTRODUCTION Nowadays the business world is changing at a faster and faster pace. The reasons given for this is globalization, highs IT investments and the rapid pace of technological change in combination with escalating costs of research and development (Frishamar, 2002). The role of......

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...information system in an insurance company. Read the case study Modernization of and answer the following questions. (aour answers using the following tabular format with each entry written in at most 30 words, and provide a word count.    new product development system availability access to filed documents Old situation (max. 30 words) ……. (word count) System availability New situation (max. 30 words) …… (word count) New product development Access to filed documents (18 marks) SIM UNIVERSITY Tutor-Marked Assignment – Page 2 of 5 ICT219 Tutor-Marked Assignment (b) Chapte the source employed by Income in building the system. Explain your answer. (6 marks) Systems can be classified based on the management groups they served. Identify the type that Income‟s eBao system falls under. Explain your answer clearly. (6 marks) (c) Question 2 Based on a case study, this question requires you to:  identify the relevant strategic business objectives,  identify the information system type,  describe how information system supports a strategy,  identify the business intelligence tool used. Chapter 3 of the course text carries a case study st answer. Strategic Objective Reason (max. 20 words) Supporting quote from case 1. < list most significant objective here > “………………… ……… ….. .……. …… ……. …..…” 2. 3. (19 marks) (b) Chapter 2 section 2.2 discusses four types of system, namely TPS, MIS, DSS, and ESS. Evaluate carefully which type......

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