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Why am I where I am today? Why business? I came to Saint John University with the intention of getting the best education in order for me to become successful Physician Assistant. At that time, I wanted to be a physician assistant because I wanted to help people. I wanted to save lives and make a lot of money. I thought that was the best way to go about helping people. I didn’t know that there are so many ways of helping the public as well make good money at the same time. Coming St Johns not only helped me realize that, they also gave me many other options when I realized that the physician assistant programs wasn’t for me. I was able to look at different fields and understand my possibilities. I came into Tobin and took Business management as my major. I saw that by being in the medical field not only can I help people I can also hurt them by making mistakes. I love interaction, challenges and meeting new people so I figured that management was better for me. I like networking and building new relationships. I took Management knowing that it involved all the things I enjoy. I wanted people to look up to me as well as feel comfortable and friendly. I wanted to be a leader and be the cause of positive changes. Along with my major I also took advantage of taking a minor at St Johns. My minor is Health Service Administration. I found myself still wanting to be attached to the medical field but this time it is the other end, the business side. I look forward to becoming a Hospital Administrator one day and become involved in both the medical world as well as the business world. I order to be successful hospital administrator. I would need to have experience, knowledge and be opened minded to learning new things. Being aware of technology is also a necessity to any field. Keeping on top of updates is a must. I would also need to have experience, some if not a lot. I currently work in the Emergency Department, which I will elaborate on later. To gain more knowledge on the fields I would have to read literature that can help me broaden my knowledge. Leadership skill is an important factor. Being a manager and to run an organization is not only about being book smart, its also about being smart in all aspects. You need to know how to deal with people, talk to them and come to satisfy both you and them through business matters. As I mentioned before being open minded and accepting your surroundings, being able to adapt to new things can only benefit you as a manager. You need to know how to adapt to things because not always is things going to be something you like or want. Having that quality of being able to adjust is a beneficial factor and can only help move you in the chain. When an employer looks into hiring a person as an employee he or she takes a lot of things into consideration before hiring. One very important thing is experience, unless they are looking to hire for an entry-level positions. Some firms to tend to train the employee before they actually work, but the more experience you have the better it is. As I stated before I look forward to becoming a manager in the Health service field. I know that experiences as well as educations are the only things that I have and will help me for the future. Usually in the Health Administrative field they look for some one with a medical and administrative background to fill the job; they know that it would be easier for the employee at that time to understand the both the medical end as well the administrative aspect of the hospital. I don’t have the medical knowledge, but I defiantly am working on the administrative end, and managerial skills. By working in the ED, I am trying to learn the medical terminology so that I can better understand the atmosphere. I have also volunteered earlier in my life at other medical facilities and I feel I have acquired knowledge from. As a representative of ED, I help the family members as well as patients with their needs when they first come to the Emergency department. I direct them to where they need to go and assist with other concerns. Also as a representative I have other duties that help maintain a better atmosphere in the Emergency department. I go to work with a positive attitude and provide the best of assistance that I am able to. I tell myself everyday, that starting at the lower position is a good thing because than I can learn from the very bottom and work myself up. So then in the future, I would know how it feels to be in the bottom of an organization. I look forward into to taking my management knowledge and degree as well as my experience to succeed in life. Managing Information system Management Information System is a separation of the overall internal controls of a business or and organization covering the applications of people, documents, technologies, and procedures by management accountants to solving business problems such as costing a product, service or a business-wide strategy. Management Information Systems are different from regular information systems in that they are used to analyze other information systems applied in operational activities in the organization. In formative years of a business, business computers were used for the practical business of computing the payroll and keeping track of accounts payable and accounts receivable. As applications were developed that provided managers with information about sales, inventories, and other data that would help in managing the enterprise, the term "MIS" came about to describe these kinds of applications. Learning about MIS in class we can say that it is very important to acknowledge that something like MIS exists and is important. Even though I am working at the hospital and learning little things here and there, I still have a lot to keep up with outside the hospital. Technology is always changing and improving if not worsens and getting more difficult for us to adjust to. Keeping up to date with technology is a benefit that we all want. I knew that I wanted to be a manager but little did I know that the database systems and other programs vary from one organization to another. Working at the hospital, I have gained access as well as knowledge of a few programs they use at medical facilities Empower, and Portal. Others I don’t have access as of yet but I have learned from watching physicians and nurses use them. These programs are programs that I would never have come across in a school curriculum because they are for hospital use only. At school they have taught me about programs and well as applications that are used in the business world. For example, we have used Excel, consists of a proprietary spreadsheet it features calculation, and graphing tools. Power point where we learn how to make presentations and Word where we learn to create documents in various forms. Empower is a data system that stores a patients records from the time they walk in to the hospital to the very end of visit. It stores information like time walked in, when the doctor saw them, when the medication was given, and the result of exams such as CAT scan, x-ray, urine and blood test. The Empower database stores information when a nurse gives the patients medications and the current status of the patient at the given time. Portal is where the doctors put in the orders for test and medications for the patients. This system enables the doctors to communicate with the rest of the staff in ensuring the best care for the patients. This is a system that allows the doctors to take on more patients because they save time by documenting the orders instead of finding the nurse and verbally giving the directions. Due to this program the hospital not only saves time, it save a lot of money as well. Another program that I have come across is the STAR. This program is used for the billing portion of a patients visit. STAR is used when a patient first gets registered in the hospital system. It asks information like a person social security number, address, and birth date. This program pulls previous billing information and medical record number that allows a physician to refer to the patients past visits. These programs are programs that I would have never learned about until I actually worked at a hospital. By working this part time job I have learned and experienced these programs. This will benefit me when I actually take the step of moving up in the ladder. It will show that I have made an effort in learning about the organization and its components. Hopefully this will one day turn out to a good thing and help me become successful. There are many things one must do in becoming successful and I am taking one step at a time to come closer to success. Every system has flaws, no matter how helpful a program can be to me I feel there is always a defect that brings it down. My observance of the programs has made me notice these flaws. If I were to contribute anything to make these programs I would change basic things. One bad thing about Empower is that the screen jumps every minute. This is due to the updating of information. The updating process prevents one from accurately reading and leads one to lose their place. So you have to start all over again when the screen becomes still once more. That is just time consuming and irritating. It good that its constantly updating the information so then the person reading can receive updated information but to lose their place and restart is much to much. I have looked at other issues that I would like to fix is a portion of the STAR program .When a physician assistant adds a patients it would be better if it was linked to the STAR. STAR is how a patient gets billed, and unfortunately STAR and Empower are not linked. So therefore a patient has to get registered almost twice in order to get billed. This is time consuming time and money. Immediate changes are needed according to me. Sometime patients are just register in Empower and not registered under STAR and therefore aren’t billed. I would like to make this change so that they are linked and would register for both programs. This allows the billing is more efficient and done in a timely matter. This will save a lot of time. Time cost a lot of money and by making this change we will save a lot of money as well as time. By making these changes, or finding ways to make these systems run better I would be able to apply my knowledge of managing information system and be a step closer to success. Besides these programs that store file and patient information there are a lot of other programs that I must learn about and become and expert in if I was to be come a manager in a hospital. I have stated other features of MIS earlier, I have to be able to learn how to keep track of payroll, when people swipe in, number of patients in a given day, I have to keep track of medication order and cost per order, I would need to become familiar with programs that keep track of all balances such as accounts payable, receivable which would be a larger account due to billing of patients. In order to become successful I would need to learn this to bring positive returns to the hospital. The hospital must survive and I want to make sure of that. I have already listed the programs that I have gotten access to, and now the next move is to learn about the remaining programs and find out how I can change them for the better. As I stated before, everything has a downside or a flaw I want to be able fix things. After being able to put my input the hospital administration then I can say that I have taken my knowledge and apply it to make myself a successful person. That is when I will think that I am successful and St. Johns has helped me in taking steps closer to the goal. I just hope that I am given this opportunity to succeed in the MIS part of my career. Technology is changing and we need to keep up to date with that because that is what holds our future.

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