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1. How might Fred employ the MIS Integrative Framework to ensure that Web site design and functionality align with the customer intimate focus of FastFit? a. . deliverables b. . costs c. . time frames d. . associated risks e. . Web site content management system f. add more lines as needed….

2. How does the narrative in the FastFit Web Site Case reflect the best practices of the project management Life Cycle (PMLC)?

PMLC Step | Actions by FastFit’s Project Team | Commitment | The conversation with the customer---action period | Analysis | Through the big data and summarize the solution---plan phase | Design | In the planning stage to organized the big picture of the company | Infrastructure | The basic work place and papered phase of a company | Development | After a stable operation to make a development | Certification | The last step before put a product into the market. Let the related organization to certify the quality of the product. | Launch | Put the product into a market and ready for the selling people and choose the method of selling | Release | begin raising money | Sunsetting | Into the end process and summarize the product performance in target market | Post-Project Assessment | Analysis the reflection of this product |

3. What risks did FastFit face in launching this project and how were these risks mitigated? If they did not address a particular risk sufficiently, what else would you do?

Risk | Its Mitigation | hosting company risk | investigation and evaluation | High competitive | Find the way to rise the market value | Inventory management | Own a wonderful warehouse | Website design | Get a professional person to help the designing process | Comparative advantages | Because the online selling become every popular, if a company can took more…...

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