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1.0 Industry Background
SAMA resort, located at Kuala Linggi Malacca, is a 5-acre resort area by a beautiful sandy beach, artistically landscaped with ten chalets and with the features of traditional Malay houses. The beautiful wooden chalets equipped with all the modern utilities signified the success of turning traditional Malay houses deserted by the youngsters who inherited them from their forefathers, could be salvaged and turned into fitting accommodations for tourists and holiday-makers. On average, the total amount of revenue earned from visitors is those who interested into food, accommodation and recreational activities at the resort.

2.0 Existing Manual Operation / Processes
Most of the business operations and transactional activities are managed manually by the owner, En Annuar considering that it is a small-medium sized resort. The owner and employees of the resort perceived the implementation of Information Systems (IS) solutions into their business operations as tedious and unworthy having the mindset that it will be an expensive initiative on top of consideration of risk to deal with complicated procedures.
2.1 Customer Handling
Process of room reservation manually had causing a lot of inconvenience and unpleasant experience to the customers. This will directly influence the sales and profit of the resort. During working days, the room reservation only can be done via phone booking in PJ office. If customer wanted to make reservation during weekend, the PJ office is closed and customers are required to contact owner directly for the transaction. In addition, there are no proper records and it has cause staffs having difficulties to trace the transaction and inform the personnel over the resort if any changes encounters.

2.2 Supply Management
Similar to customer handling, the owner of the...

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