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The Mission, Vision, and Philosophy of David C. Vaughn Head Start Program David C. Vaughn Head Start is a preschool in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. This is a school for children ages three to five. The mission of the program is to provide the highest quality of childcare and education for children of university students, faculty, staff, and community. Also to provide a laboratory setting for students enrolled in the Early Childhood Development curriculum program.
Vision of the Program The vision of the program states that they want to be a place where children are valued for their meaningful work. A place where the staff is valued for their zeal, knowledge, and commitment. A place where children’s learning and growth are seen as intertwined. A place where the staff creates places and spaces for caring relationships. A place where children’s ability to wonder, explore, and soar can be acted out. A place where the staff is delighted to be around children and share in their joys. A place where parents are valued as their child’s first advocate. A place where together they appreciate the child’s ability to play. A place where parents receive support in their child rearing roles. A place where together they feel like they are always learning. A place where parents can enthusiastically promote their child’s hands-on approach to play. Also to be a place where together they will value each moment of the day.
Philosophy of the Program The program of the David C. Vaughn Head Start has been developed to meet the physical, emotional, mental, social, and creative needs of the young children. The classroom encourages trust and independence. Emphasis is on helping the children gain a positive self -concept, self- discipline, and in help in developing warm relationships with others. Early childhood research shows that young children learn primarily through play. Play is an...

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