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Mississipi Burning

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I am going to present an essay about Mississippi Burning, which is a very good movie, and also gives us an insight as to the past of how afro-american people were treated by the Caucasian people. In my essay, I am going to explain the problems in the southern states and the following consequences that they result in. There will be a short description of the characters, especially the protagonists. Finally, I’m going to discus about the white supremacist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan and the following problems that still affect the postmodern society. The Ku Klux Klan still exist today, but it is not a huge problem that it was at the time.

Mississippi Burning is a movie about an unsolved crime, done to a group of white activists and afro-americans. It is mostly about the afro-american people. Afro-americans are easier to identify, because of their skin color. The movie starts with a car chase, but it isn’t a regular one. In this car chase, the civilians are being chased by a police cruiser. The law enforcement officers are corrupt and they are interested in killing these ethnic kids, instead of following their normal procedure. The kids don’t have any choice but to obey the sirens from the cruiser, so they have to pull-over and see what the problem is. They are very quiet about it, because they haven’t done anything illegal, but when the police cruiser stops behind the kids’ vehicle, a group of 4 law enforcement officers, approach the suspect’s car. They draw their flashlight and point the powerful lights on the eyes of the suspects and decide to unethically shoot the suspects without any valid reason. This scenario gives us an insight of how big the problem actually was at that time. These types of racial issues done by law enforcement officers are supposedly still happening today. There still exist racists today, but the racism isn’t as tough as it was at...

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