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Mississippi Burning “It was June 1964—the start of “Freedom Summer,” (“Mississippi Burning”) and three boys were heading to Mississippi to help recruit African Americans to vote for the first time. During the ride, they are pulled over by several vehicles under the suspension of speeding and were never seen alive again. “The KKK was in a murderous mood.” (“Mississippi Burning”). In the south from years 1935 to the late 1960’s, an African American could not sneeze without being hung or convicted for an absurd crime. In the 1960’s white people who showed kindness to black people were considered to be just as bad as black people if not worse.
That is the case for the Mississippi Burning boys. How is it possible for a group of men, made up of police officers and citizens, find it rational to murder innocent people? And why because they want to make a difference or because they were travelling with a boy who was black?
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It was broad daylight and a truck of men were able to throw an injured man into the street with no worries of the consequences. How is that possible? Is that accurate for little towns like this? Not one of the officers nor the Sheriff seemed to care about the boys wellbeing. Nor did they jump in their cars to chase the perpetrators. I have seen plenty of movies about murders that happened during the era of the Civil Rights’ Movement. The one thing each movie has in common is that the African Americans were too afraid to talk to the cops. I can see why they would be but were they all so afraid not to retaliate? The type of people I have read about that were followers of Malcolm X’s tactics came from all over. It only makes sense that some of his followers came from the south. His tactics state he was willing to fight back. So how it that there was a town of people who were so afraid not to? I am not judging the people in this era nor will I ever really know why they did not

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