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Mississippi Burning

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Comparative Work & Bibliographic References/Resources My artwork is a funerary relief with portraits of the Gessii. The artwork dates back between 50-20 B.C. from Rome, Italy. I did some research to find another piece similar to the portraits of the Gessii and I found another funerary relief of Lucius Antistius Sarculo and Antistia Plutia. The two artworks are very similar. The funerary relief with portraits of the Gessii portrays Publius Gessius at the center, Fausta Gessia at the left, and Gessius Primus on the right. All three are family. Fausta Gessia, a former slave, and Gessius Primus, also a freed slave and son, were freed by Publius Gessius. This artwork was paid for by Fausta out of Publius’s estate.
It should come to no surprise that the two people portrayed in the funerary relief of Lucius Antistius Sarculo and Antistia Plutia are Lucius Antistius Sarculo and Antistia Plutia. Lucius Antistius Sarculo was a free-born Roman priest and his wife, Antistia Plutia was a former slave.
Looking at both artworks next to each other, you can already tell how similar they are. The artworks are both funerary reliefs. Publius Gessius and Lucius Antistius Sarculo look very much alike. The facial structure of both men look the same. Interesting enough both the men’s noses were cut off. Both men were free-born and their partners were freed slaves.
There aren’t many differences in the reliefs. The relief with a portrait of Gessii has three people in the relief where the funerary relief of Lucius Antistius Sarculo and Antistia Plutia only has two. The portrait of Gessii has a simple design to it while the funerary relief of Lucius Antistius Sarculo and Anstitia Plutia is more designed. The funerary relief of Lucius Antistius Sarculo and Anstitia Plutia has both of the people portrayed in circular designs while the portrait of Gessii in a square design.

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