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Question 11: Give an example of behavior that might be unethical even though “everyone is doing it”.
Discussions about ethical issues, not to mention attempts to encourage ethical behavior, are constantly derailed by the invocation of common misstatements of ethical principles. Some of these are honest misconceptions, some are intentional distortions, some are self-serving rationalizations, and some, upon examination, simply make no sense at all.
The first golden rationalization is “everybody does it”, this is the most common excuse has been used in ethical misconduct. It is based on the flawed assumption that the ethical nature of an act is somehow improved by the number of people who do it, and if "everybody does it," then it is implicitly all right for you to do it as well.
One of examples is Inappropriate Computer Use. That is employees use company computers to engage in unethical behavior as using the company computers and resources for personal purposes. For instant, an employee who is not permitted to use the Internet for personal reasons commits an unethical act by shopping online while at work. Random Internet surfing takes away from the time she spends on work-related activities. Also, it takes away the concentration level that should be focus on their jobs. Employees sometimes use company email to spread inappropriate websites or videos to co-workers, some of which could be deemed offensive by the recipients.
We have terms used to identify people who Web when they should be working, Cyber-slackers or Cyber-loafers. A survey conducted recently by found that every day at least 64 percent of employees visit websites that have nothing to do with their work. Who would have thought that checking your Facebook page is becoming an ethical issue?
Some of employers choose to blocking internet or sites, especially Facebook, they claim it for unproductive or counter-productive work behaviors. However, I would think differently, banning internet sites at work might backfire as people will still be bored and may behave badly. Instead of banning internet or sites, the employers should keep the workforce busy, then there is no more time to surfing internet.

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