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Mitel the History

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1 Executive Summary
In 1971, Michael Cowpland and Terry Matthews incorporated and formed the company Mitel. They achieved immediate success with products that were composed of semiconductors, while they also sold semiconductors. They quickly achieved market dominance in the communications sector. As the communications sector became increasingly regulated by government, some of Mitel’s major customers lost market share resulting in fewer sales for Mitel. This resulted in Mitel’s competitors advancing ahead of them in industry dominance.
Over time, Mitel was sold and resold with its share value increased, decreased, and then increased again but to only a fraction of what it used to be. Mitel continued to be a company that stayed rooted to its initial specialities in the communications industry. As other sectors developed to the extent that the communications sector only occupied 0.5 per cent of the overall market, Mitel has been unable to diversify such that its future is again dependant on unforeseen changes in the industry.
It is critical that Mitel achieve the ability to secure product to enable further product development and enhance its research and development so it may diversify its products and balance its products among various markets, so that event changes in a particular market will not compromise the entirety of Mitel.

2 Overview
In the 1960s, semiconductors were developed and quickly became the “backbone of all electronic devices. Consumer electronics, automobiles, aeroplanes, space travel, appliances and many other products depended on semiconductors to perform even the most basic operations” (Liddy, G., Vandenbosch, M., & Large, D., 1999, p. 1). It was a time when innovation was a driving force in the industry and the electronic sector was experiencing a new growth as a result of the introduction of the semiconductor. This new growth...

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