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What is a personality disorder and do things of this nature really exist? These are common questions that arise when dwelling on the topic of personality disorders. Personality disorders are deeply ingrained maladaptive patterns of behavior of a specific kind that usually comes during the adolescent years that gives a person a rigid and unhealthy way of thinking, functioning, or behaving. The cause of personality disorders is still a mystery to modern day social scientist but one thing is noted, which is genes and childhood experiences play a significant role in these disorders. There are 10 personality disorders in the DSM-V separated by clusters. The specific personality disorder of interest is found on cluster B which is where all the dramatic, erratic and emotional personalities are. Narcissistic Personality disorder is commonly summarized as someone who generally believes the world revolves around them but there is more to it. Narcissistic personality disorder consists of the lack of empathy and a dire need for admiration in work and relationships. People who suffer from this disorder are cocky, self-centered, manipulative and demanding. Narcissistic personality disorder has a unique way being a misdiagnosed and sometimes overlooked. This passage will explain narcissistic personality disorder in totality to further understand the effects and treatment of the disorder. Narcissistic personality disorder is a disorder that has two types. The first type of narcissists it's called vulnerable narcissistic. Vulnerable narcissist are usually very sensitive. They see themselves as victims to superiors who do not understand who they are. They also have a severe phobia of being rejected and abandoned. Vulnerable narcissist also feel helpless, anxious and depressed when they are not receiving the attention they desire. These types usually have mixed emotions of showing off and feeling hurt. This type of behavior helps them feel as if they are superior to others and themselves.
The second type of narcissistic behavior is called invulnerable narcissist. these types of narcissist tend to be less sensitive Ultra confident. in their mind, they are superior to all. They also are revenge-seeking and will go into an uncontrollable rage against anyone who does not treat them as a superior or criticizes them. These types appear to be flawless and have an inflated sense of self esteem. This type of behavior may have stemmed from parents or guardians who treated them as a superior in early childhood. This would mean that they are not compensating for anything . They are simply acting out their expectations of life. The term ‘narcissism’ originated from the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses (Book III) in the first century story of Narcissus and Echo, and much later evolved into a highly specialized psychoanalytic term. In Ovid’s myth, Narcissus is a handsome young man who spurns the advances of many potential lovers, including the nymph Echo, named this way because she was cursed to only echo the sounds that others made. After Narcissus rejects Echo, the gods punish him by making him fall in love with his own reflection in a pool. Finding that the object of his love cannot love him back, he pines away and dies(insert citation here). The notion of narcissism is obviously years old but it just got recognized as a personality disorder about fifty years ago. Sigmund Freud wrote a paper called On Narcissism: An Introduction in 1914. This publishing gave valuable insight on what narcissism is and who effects the human psyche. Freud proposed that narcissism is a normal part of the human psyche. He described it as the energy that lies behind a person’s survival instincts. Freud also suggested that having diminished primary narcissism made them unlikely to defend themselves and nurture. With all that being said from Sigmund Freud, it still didn’t qualify narcissistic personalities to become a disorder. In fact, narcissistic personality disorder didn’t become an actual disorder until 1968. Psychoanalysts by the names of Otto Kernberg and Heinz Kohut brought narcissistic behavior to the spotlight during the 1960’s. Narcissistic personality disorder was once called narcissistic personality structure. A term that was short lived coined by Kernburg.

Freud suggested that people experienced diminished primary narcissism, leaving them less able to nurture, protect and defend themselves. In order to replenish this capacity, he believed that receiving love and affection in return was vital. Which leads up to the question what exactly is narcissistic personality disorder? Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder where people have a superficial sense of importance, they urn for admiration while lacking the empathy for others. Underneath it all a narcissist suffer from low self-esteem that is easily harmed by criticism. Narcissism gives the people who suffer from it the ability to suppress feelings of low self-esteem and develop a sense of self. People who suffer NPD generally disappointed when someone is not giving the special favors are admiration the you believe they deserve. Onlookers may infer that insecurity is there because narcissists tend to be defensive when their self-esteem is threatened. People may find it hard to enjoy being around those who suffer from this disorder because of the constant desire of unneeded attention. This disorder causes difficulties in numerous aspects of life. Some aspects of life that Narcissistic personality disorder tampers with are relationships and school. When dealing with narcissist in relationships there are many problems that may occur. The first thing one would have to know about being in a relationship with a narcissist, you must know what type of narcissist they are. If the person is a vulnerable narcissist, the person deeply value the way their partner view them. The partners of these types of narcissist make the common mistake of acknowledging their vulnerabilities in an attempt to tell them that they don't affect their relationship. Acknowledging or confirming vulnerabilities to a VN can make them feel rejected. These types of narcissist also do not like taking responsibility for their behavior. Any attempts to do so may cause a violent out lash of behavior or a self destructive response. This type of behavior at job setting could lead to an unproductive company. Only because the person couldn't deal with constructive criticism or the praise of another employee. These people would feel victimized about not achieving a certain title or rank while knowing that they didn't put the effort in to be considered. They also would conspire against others by trying to rally up admirers to advocate their cause. The attention they seek could cause a downfall of a company. An invulnerable narcissist would differ from an vulnerable narcissist. They love the feeling of being superior. These type of narcissist in a relationship do not care about how their partner view them. An IN is liable to walk out on relationship if they are not feeling like they're getting the admiration and praise they feel they deserve. Also these types of people are known to have multiple relationships or affairs and pride themselves on this.

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