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Mixture of Markets

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Market Mix: The Best Bang For Your Buck American InterContinental University April 5, 2012 Donald Buehrig Busn105-1202A-269: Introduction to Business
Unit 3 Individual Project

In this paper you will see how you can use the market mix to do research on a particular product. Using the four p’s to narrow down your choice in a flooded market makes you realize that everything that we buy has been thru some sort of research on how to appeal to the consumer. Choosing a product is easy, but choosing the right product takes some time to pick what would work best for the situation. This paper shows you that when marketing a product know the environments the surround your customer. For this paper the product was priced with in the budget, had a reliable product, placed in the right graphic area and promoted to the need of the customer.

When choosing a product you must consider what the product means to you. I ask myself this question, “why do I want or need this product” before I purchase any large product. Once I answer this question then I start shopping around looking for the product that fits best. I have been in the market for a new trolling motor and decided on the Minn Kota riptide. Let me explain how I used the market mix in making my decision.
First I put a limit on the price I was willing to pay for a trolling Motor. I was willing to pay a descent price for a descent product. Now what makes this product a descent product or is it worth the price is all up to the consumer. I had to do a lot of research and make sure I was comparing apples to apples when pricing the trolling motor.
So I looked at what promoted me to buy this trolling motor. I made a list of the make or break features, and compared some trolling motors on the market. The main features were it had to be big enough for my boat, saltwater series because I will be using it in...

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