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Fundamentals of Marketing and Business Communication How does cultural diversity affect marketing? | By requiring tailored marketing strategies | What element should marketing managers consider when scanning the competitive environment? | Supply chain management | A group of producers of a particular product decided to all raise prices together and they were accused of overcharging consumers.Which federal law would have allowed the United States government to investigate this unfair method of competition? | Sherman Antitrust Act | Which strategy will be best for the marketer to advocate while faced with a deflationary economic environment? | Seek a long-term contract guaranteeing the sale price of its product. | A marketer believes its product has become obsolete for all markets. The marketer feels that a new technology may have created a substitute product and created new desires for their former consumers. What is their best marketing alternative? | Investigate the new technology for opportunities opening in a new industry | Marketers in a foreign country have been extremely successful in selling a particular product to a specific target market. They decided to enter the US market and continue their current sales and promotional tactics. What will likely be the outcome? | Targeting the same market in the U.S., they will find that the product does not fit existing cultural values and will not be purchased. | How will the group membership influence the individual's purchasing behavior? | The individual will make purchase decisions that comply with group norms. | A marketer found that its television promotions are no longer effective because consumers may no longer be watching the advertising commercials. Which influence may be changing consumers' behavior? | Attitude components | Which type of problem-solving process do consumers use when...

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