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Marketing research In the research’’ The influence of short message service (SMS) Advertising on the purchase behaviour of young consumers in a Tertiary institution in Ghana’’ . The Authors state that telecom operators in Ghana use SMS ad to gain the attention of the consumers to patronize their products. This study examines the attitude and the factors that drive consumers acceptance of SMS ads and how it affects their purchase behaviour. There are factors which are positively or negatively affect the attitude of consumers towards SMS ad .These factors are (Informativeness , Trust , Irritation and Gender) they were tested in this research to examine the correlation between attitudes and consumers actual purchase decisions. Young consumers list of interests must include entertainment , incentive or reward advertisements. The credibility of the ad plays an important role towards consumer perception of mobile advertising . “ Although Fraz and Seyedreza (2011) admitted that people with different cultural backgrounds respond differently to mobile advertising “ . Findings state that high level of exposure to advertisements may lead to negative attitudes of consumers toward advertisement. It also mentioned that “women and men perceive mobile phones and their usage differently (Ozhan, 2004)”. It has revealed also that female consumers have much time to open and read SMS advertisements and they respond more to SMS advertisements than males. “Fareena and Andrew (2008:39) for instance, suggest that young consumers intention to participate in mobile marketing (SMS advertising) is influenced by hedonic purpose ( that is, fun or entertainment) and functional purpose( that is obtaining incentives and information)” . In the journal “Mobile advertising : An investigation of factors creating positive attitude in Iranian customers” by Faraz...

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