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Mkt 421 Final Marketing Plan

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Final Marketing Plan

MKT 421

Final Marketing Plan

There are many factors to consider when a company creates and launches a new product. Not only must the product itself exude quality and greatness, but it must also be backed by an outstanding marketing plan as well. Obtaining an exceptional understanding of the ways to effectively strategize, price, distribute, and promote a new product is necessary for the success of the new item. By implementing all of these factors within a marketing plan, any company or business may strive to be boundlessly prosperous in its given field.
Business Overview Louis Vuitton, the brand, and the person, share humble beginnings. At the tender age of sixteen, Louis Vuitton began working as an apprentice in Paris, France in 1837. In a period when transportation occurred primarily by trains, boats, and carriages, luggage underwent a significant amount of wear. It was important for individuals to protect their belongings while traveling great distances and throughout long journeys. It was during his apprenticeship that Vuitton began building customized boxes and trunks tailored to meet the needs of clients. Seventeen years later, Vuitton embarked on the beginning of his own business. In 1859, the Louis Vuitton workshop began with merely twenty total employees, expanding later to one hundred workers in 1900, and again in 1914 to include 225 persons (Louis Vuitton, 2015). During the early 20th century, travelers of all walks of life carried all valuables and possessions in trunks and boxes. Often in this period, the possessions of many voyagers were preyed upon by thieves and burglars. It is because of these robberies that Louis and his father Gorges Vuitton wanted to protect the precious possessions of their clients. Knowing that many times clients traveled with all of their worldly...

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