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The Passion for Ridgid Tools

The Passion for Ridgid Tools
Throughout the years the lives of many have been influenced by passionate individuals, such as Thomas Jefferson, Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft, who revolutionized the computer industries, and Leonardo da Vinci an inventor years ahead of his era (Miller, 2014). In today’s society individuals are free to express their passion in whatever peaks their interest and one of those things are tools. A handy man, contractor, or just hobbyists have one thing in common, and that’s their passion for his or her tools. Notwithstanding, certain elements need to be present for customer loyalty and those elements include customer service, warranty, and durability of the tools.
There are many manufacturers in the industry of tools, some of which manufacture hand tools while others manufacture power tools or even heavy equipment. At the same time, some manufacturers make all three types of tools. Moreover, among some of the well-known tool manufacturers available are Ridgid, Craftsman, and Snap-on. Even though, these three companies are among the most popular of tool brands in the United States, each have benefits and drawbacks.
Ridgid, Craftsman, and Snap-on all have one very important thing in common that plays a major role with the purchasing decision of the passionate tool user, and that is all three carry a lifetime warranty on mechanic’s tools; such as wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, sockets, and a few others. Equally important, tools produced by all these manufacturers are durable and can withstand some abuse. Regardless, of brand an individual decides to purchase the ease of getting a tool replaced is very important. For example, if a Ridgid tool breaks the owner can go to the local Home Depot and get it replaced. Furthermore, if a Craftsman tool was to break he or she can head to the local Sears and get it replaced. In the meantime, Snap-on tool owners have to take another avenue, which some do not want to deal with, and that is to call the toll free number to locate a Snap-on truck vendor to get the tool exchanged or get it shipped (Snap-on Incorporated, 2013). All in all, knowing the tool being purchased has the ease of replacement, the durability, and the lifetime warranty can give any passionate tool owner the peace of mind knowing their investment in the tool is there for the long haul. Although, all three brands have great benefits, one does stand out above the rest which will be covered later.
Meanwhile, there are some drawbacks to each of the manufacturers mentioned. First, all three tool brands are expensive compared to the many other brands on the market. Craftsman for decades was the leader of hands tools and the ease of replacement. However, the sale of craftsman tools has dropped dramatically in the last few years due to outsourcing, what was American made is now made in China. As a result, customers feel the quality of tools is not what they used to be (Smith, 2013). On the other hand, Snap-on tool quality still remains strong, but the down fall to Snap-on is the inconvenience of having to call a toll free number to locate a vendor so you may exchange a tool and satisfying their set schedule not yours. Furthermore, both Craftsman and Snap-on tools only offer a lifetime warranty on hand tools such as sockets, ratchets, screwdrivers, and wrenches and not power tools unless the consumer purchases at an additional cost an extended warranty, even then it is not a lifetime. Finally, the tool of choice for many from the basic handy man to the industrial worker is the Ridgid tool. Ridgid truly believes in building a long loyal relationship with its customers on many levels. First, to many Americans who like to purchase built in the USA products Ridgid in the answer. Equally important, Ridgids warranty surpasses the competition’s, by offering a lifetime warranty on all hand tools, pneumatic, and even power tools by just going to their WEB site and simply registering the tool serial number along with the Home depot receipt number. However, there are two drawbacks with the Ridgid product. First, drawback is as previously mentioned the tools are pricy. Second, drawback if the consumer fails to register his or her tool purchased within 90 days he or she will forfeit the lifetime warranty. However the one year warranty still applies. Similarly, to Craftsman tools a Ridgid tool owner can go to any Home depot store and get his or her tool repaired or replaced free of charge. In conclusion, three different tool companies where discussed along with the drawbacks and benefits to each. The research shows all three companies had similar traits to earn customer loyalty such as; aggressive warranties and convenience in exchanging tools. Even though, some made it a little easier for the consumer than others. However, the passion of the other leans more towards the Ridgid product due to fact their warranty covers all tools across the spectrum while others limit what is covered for free and what is covered for an extra charge. Ridgids warranty policy truly is exceptional on many levels to satisfy any passionate tool collector. But you are the judge whether you want to spend that extra few dollars for a lifetime peace of mind.

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