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Personal Branding Plan

Jessica Cutcher


November 30, 2015
Rebecca Robbins

Introduction Getting oneself out on the market is the most important part of getting a new job. In order to do this, a person must market themselves. In order to properly market themselves, a potential candidate has to know the resources in which to present themselves as good employee material. It is always a good idea to have a plan in place of the places that employment is desired. Then research those companies and determine what the best way to present a resume is. It is always a good idea to research the companies to begin with in order to come to a good determination as to whether or not this company is one that is good to work for. There are four businesses that I researched and have submitted my resume and applications. I will discuss which companies I chose, why I chose them and the steps that I took in order to present myself to their HR Departments. I have been doing this for the past 3 years, so I have some good references and a little bit knowledge as to how some of these companies perform their hiring process. The first company that I researched and chose to apply with is Ford Motor Company. Ford Motor Company is an organization that I chose because the pay and benefits are great and if you can get through the probation period, it can be a very good job. I looked them up online and found that Ford Motor Company is always hiring however you have to know exactly what positions are open that fit your qualifications in the area in which you want to work. The online application is very long and tiresome and it is often times overlooked. From my experiences, it is better if you actually know someone who has a little bit of pull. Since I do not actually know anyone who works for Ford Motor Company, I contacted my recruiter and had him get me the name, email address, and phone number for the Director of Human Resources. After finishing the online application, I sent the HR Director my resume along with a cover letter and let them know that I also filled out my application online, and for what position and location I applied for. Another company that I researched that I wanted to work for is Poly One. This company makes and sell Polyurethane Resins for use in plastic tubing and other application that take plastic. I worked there as a temp several years ago and I enjoyed my time there. They have a very good compensation package, benefits, the company does things for the employees such as gives the employees’ yearly bonuses and every quarter each employee receives a check from BFI for recycling. Just like with Ford, their online application is long and you must know exactly what position it is you are looking for. I applied online and emailed my resume to the Director of Human Resources. Mittal Steel is the third company on my list. I already knew a little bit about this company because Mittal Steel in Cleveland, Ohio used to be LTV Steel, and I was employed with LTV Steel for close to ten years. I enjoyed working in the steel industry as a production planner, I wanted to re-visit the world of steel. I went to their website and found it difficult to find a location or position to apply for since there are literally thousands of online job postings. For this company, I looked up the name of the HR Manager, the General Manager, and the Materials Manager of the Cleveland facility and physically sent my resume through the US Mail along with a cover letter and my references. Tenaris Steel is the company that ended up being LTV Steel, if the life line of this company is followed. It is a Columbian owned steel company which is now located in Louisville, KY. The method of inquiring employment with Tenaris Steel was a phone call to the Plant Manager. He invited me to come down there and do my job in 2006, so I decided to give him a call and see if that position were open by any chance. He did have me email my resume to him for future reference since the position is currently filled. In my experiences, each company is different as to how employment should be sought. Sometimes online applications are all a company wants, other times although not necessary, they appreciate it more if you spend the postage and mail in your resume so that they have a tangible piece of paper in their hands. The company that I currently work for only uses and if you go to their website, there are no job postings or online applications. The application is filled out when invited in for an interview.


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