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Marketing Mix

1. Introduction – Introduce the 4 p’s
a. Product
b. Price
c. Place
d. Promotion
e. Introduce a company the author is familiar with – Coors, an adult beverage company
2. Product
a. Definition – a particular product or service that a company offers
b. Miller Coors – Coors Light, Killians, Keystone, Blue Moon
i. Miller Coors is marketed as an adult decision and easy to use product for everyone over the age of 21.
1. “Fun” commercials
2. People enjoy being around others that drink Coors beer
3. Price
a. Definition – the price that a particular product or service costs
b. Coors – Brands attack different segments
i. Coors offers “Budget Beer” for Americans that make below a certain amount of money and can’t afford more expensive beer ( college students). ii. Coors offers seasonal beers also Winterfest and Killians has become a seasonal sensation iii. Coors offers beer for all different types of fun occasions.
4. Place
a. Definition – Where the products are marketed or Distribution Channel.
b. Coors– Brands
i. A Physical product can be purchased from most stores during certain hours depending on laws within each state.. Target, Safeway, WalMart, Costco, Walgreens and Liquor stores have carried the product in the past. The product is also available for purchase at many Bars / restaurants.
5. Promotion
a. Definition – How to market the product. i.e. Advertising, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Publicity.
b. Coors– Coors advertises it product year around. You will see heavy advertisement around all major holidays including football season and playoffs. Coors advertises on television, radio, online, print and partners with many Bars and stadiums to offer a discount price on the purchase for prime locations. Coors has tried different ways of getting buyers attention like advertising during the Super Bowl and they have sponsored the NFL and ESPN.
6. Conclusion
a. Restate the 4 p’s.
b. All of these items working together are what makes products and services popular.

Companies market their products differently all the time, but they all come back to the basics, the four p’s product, price, place and promotion. Coors Brewing Company is no different than all the other marketing conglomerates in the world. Yes they promote a product that is for adult consumption only, but that does not change their strategy. In the following paper I will show you how Coors Brewing Company has tried to differentiate it’s self from its competitors.
Product definition is as follows : a particular product or service that a company offers to its customers (Perrault, 2009). When you talk about Coors Brewing Company and its product you must differentiate between its vast offerings that they sell. Coors offers “Budget Beer” for Americans that make below a certain amount of money and can’t afford more expensive beer. Coors Brewing Company has Keystone, Keystone light, Keystone ice and Coors Extra Gold. These “budget beers” are great for college students and low income families. Coors Brewing Company also offers seasonal beers for its customers. Winterfest is a beer that is sold during the winter months only. Blue Moon has developed many seasonal brews, Rising Moon (seasonal – spring), Honey Moon (seasonal - summer), Harvest Moon (seasonal - fall), Full Moon (seasonal - winter). Kalians Irish Red is a different animal all together; this beer is sold year round but has become a seasonal sensation (St. Patty’s day). We cannot forget about the name sake alcoholic beverages, Coors original is the oldest brand in the Coors portfolio, first brewed in 1874, and has been given awards at World's Columbian Exposition in 1893, and at the Great American Beer Festival in 2004. Coors Light “The Silver Bullet” was first brewed in 1978 as a low calorie beer. It is Coors' top selling brand, and the second-best selling beer in the United States, passing Budweiser in 2011. The beer is also quite popular in Ireland, where it is available at most bars nationwide and is brewed and distributed by Heineken. It has won several medals for "American-Style Light Beer" at the Great American Beer Festival.
Place Definition for marketing is as follows: Where the products are marketed or Distribution through a specific Channel (Perrault, 2009). A Physical product can be purchased from most stores during certain hours depending on laws within each state. State laws can prohibit certain types of alcohol being sold in specific stores. A blue law is a type of law, typically found in the United States, Scandinavia and, formerly, in Canada, designed to enforce religious standards, particularly the observance of Sunday as a day of worship or rest, and a restriction on Sunday shopping. Most have been repealed, have been declared unconstitutional, or are simply unenforced; though prohibitions on the sale of alcoholic beverages or prohibitions of almost all commerce on Sundays are still enforced in many areas. Blue laws often prohibit an activity only during certain hours and there are usually exceptions to the prohibition of commerce, like grocery and drug stores. In some places, blue laws may be enforced due to religious principles, but others are retained as a matter of tradition or out of convenience. Target, Safeway, Wal-Mart, Costco, Walgreens and Liquor stores carry the before described product. Alcoholic beverage products are also available for purchase at many Bars and restaurants.
Promotions Definition for marketing is as follows: How to market the product. i.e. Advertising, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Publicity (Perrault, 2009). Coors advertises it product year around. You will see heavy advertisement around all major holidays including football season and playoffs. Coors advertises on television, radio, online, print and partners with many Bars and stadiums to offer a discount price on the purchase for prime locations. Coors has tried different ways of getting buyers attention like advertising during the Super Bowl and they have sponsored the NFL and ESPN.
When Coors brewing company broke into the adult alcoholic beverage industry in 1893 marketing was the least of its worries. As the marketing world has evolved Coors Brewing Company has had to evolve also, Coors uses the 4 p’s in every aspect of its marketing strategy. From selling seasonal beers to higher priced beers such as Blue moon to its name sake beers Coors original and Coors light. Coors brewing Company has taken its marketing scheme to become the second-best selling beer in the United States, passing Budweiser in 2011. (Coors, 2011)

Works Cited
Coors, P. (2011). News Letter. Golden Colorado.
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