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The company that I will examine in this paper will be the company that I am currently employed by Phoenix Consulting Group (PCG), Inc. Phoenix is a Department of Defense contractor that offers training services to the Intelligence Community. This company is operated in various places throughout the United States to include a corporate office in Alabama, support offices in Florida and Arizona and a Training Centre in Alexandria Virginia. The office that I work at is the Alexandria Office located at 5453 Richmond Highway. Phoenix prides itself on the training services that are offered to their customers, their specialty is in Human Intelligence (HUMINT).
Mission Statement
Provide the highest quality intelligence-related training, augmentation support and specialized consultative and research/studies services to our government and private sector customers.
Major Services
PCG will provide off-the-shelf, or customized off-the-shelf training to meet specific agency needs related to security/intelligence management, organizational, and security/intelligence services, such as, but not limited to:
• Security team building
• Practical exercises
• Trade show elicitation skills
• Intelligence team building
• Platform instruction
• Security techniques
• Elicitation techniques
• Quality management
• Security elicitation techniques
• Strategic planning
• Counterintelligence techniques
• Security elicitation techniques
• Training manuals
• Presentation charts

Here are some of the courses offered that focuses on their commitment to HUMINT Training:
|Ten Week Courses |Five Week Courses |Four Week Courses |
|Field Collection |Battlefield HUMINT Collection |Strategic Debriefing Advanced…...