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Atkins Diet Marketing Plan Part II
MKT / 571
June 11, 2015

Atkins Diet Marketing Plan Part II
Atkins is one of the leading branded retailers and wholesalers of weight management products. The company offers a wide variety of nutrition bars, shakes, snacks and frozen meals for those on a low carb diet plan. . The Atkins Advantage RTD Shakes are canned drinks that are low in calories but full of carbohydrates. As mentioned in part I’s marketing plan, protein shakes were previously advertised to body builders and serious athletes. Today the protein shake sector is booming with waves of protein drinks marketed to ordinary people. It is estimated that the protein shake market will grow to 8 billion by 2017 (Westman, 2002). As this market continues to transform, it is important for the company to be cognizant of profile growth within the market and brand. Target Market Profiles
Atkins Protein shakes in Arizona are targeted at men and women in their mid. 30-40s. They are successful business owners who are athletic and love outdoor sports. They own their own fitness studios or gyms and are always promoting a healthier lifestyle. In Arizona, there are a lot of outdoor activities, so they hike and explore the state on their free time. This gives them the perfect opportunity to drink our protein shakes as they are always on the run. Their business help promote shakes to their own customers. Atkins Protein Shake buyers look for nutritional value in the items they buy and practicability. They understand that eating healthy is important, and they do not mind paying extra for it. They buy for personal use but also in bulk to see in their own stores. Our other target markets are their customers, consciously fit men and women in their 30-50's who can afford to hire private trainers for their weight loss goals. These can be busy family men and women who are also on the run and need a quick, healthy drink option.

Organizational Target Markets
The organizational target market is directed to fit consumers in Arizona. Currently marketing to fit consumers because they are already on a weight loss track and need alternative healthy options for keeping their lifestyle on the go. If consumers are already spending money on a trainer, it is more likely they can afford to pay for protein shakes to help with their goals. Sample Customer Profile | | | Gender | Male: 60% | Female: 40% | | Age | 26-30 10% | 31-40 40% | 41-5540% | 56-6 10% | Income | 0-30K 10% | 31-40k 20% | 41-50k 3 0% | 51k+ 4 0% |
Figure 1.1

Life Cycle/ Tactical Plans Atkins consumer market changes year after year. And just as the market changes, so does their products life cycle. Introduction, growth, maturity and decline are the four stages of a products life cycle. The company continues to invest in new product development to insure uninterrupted growth. 1. Introduction – Meals 2. Growth – Protein Bars 3. Maturity – 8 RTD Flavors 4. Decline – Shakes |

Product Atkins Shakes | Price 4ct. is $7.89 | Place Online Store Factory Satellite stores | Promotion Radio Advertisement Newspaper Ads TV/Internet Promos | -------------------------------------------------

Positioning Statement An exclusive cup promotion campaign for the Atkins diet shakes will launch on
July 1st and continue through September 30, 2015, leading to increased desire for healthiness among 30 to 40 year olds. LA Fitness has agreed to offer membership discounts to those who sign up on their website during this campaign. Their website will include an advertisement for the entire line of Atkins Diet shakes. Each new fitness member will receive a free promotional Atkins cup with the purchase of a trial size Atkins diet shake, which will be included in the discount offer. Established in Southern California in 1984, LA Fitness has increased its presence by focusing on promoting good health in innovative ways to more segments of communities.
LA Fitness has over 600 clubs across the United States and Canada and their strong and successful growth stems from their commitment to understanding and meeting the distinct needs of each community ("La Fitness", 2015).
The benefits derived from this promotional alliance will complement the Atkins
Diet shake capabilities and resources and lead to higher growth and profits. As a result of this campaign, the Atkins Diet shake will become the most advertised and well known name to members of health clubs. Overall, the benefits of the Atkins Diet in Figure 1.3 below show a relevent consistency in reducing sugar levels, fat storage in the body and achieving the ultimate weight loss goal.

Figure: 1.3 (Atkins 2015).
Product Expansion Team D will expand the Atkins product offering over the course of two weeks. The first week will encompass identifying a target market that best fits the Atkins weight loss drink plan and focuses on building brand loyalty. Also, during the first week we will create a referral program to retain current customers and reach out to prospective customers through the use of radio, television and newspaper advertisement. We will dedicate many hours to training and support to improve employees skills. The second week will involve creating a business alliance in each state with all workout gyms similar to LA Fitness Centers. All participating gyms will be required to send emails, advertising gift certificates for their members to receive a 20 percent discount on their first Atkins diet drink.
There are a total of 8 Atkins Shakes: Café Caramel, Dark Chocolate Royale, French Vanilla, Milk Chocolate Delight, Mocha Latte, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana and Creamy Chocolate. The Atkins Diet Shake’s current price for a four count package is $7.89. The packaging and labeling are shown below:

There are no warranties or guarantees offered in the Atkins weight loss plan (Atkins 2015). Conclusion
The Atkins Advantage RTD Shakes and diet plan continues to be an increased approach

to weigh management used not only by fitness consumers and stern athletes but ordinary people.

As people's lives get more hectic people can consider this alternative method of dieting and

staying healthy while still being on the go. There is an industry trend moving toward easier

access health cautions products. The company’s growth continues as they proactively

manage their products through applying the appropriate resources and marketing strategies.

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