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Mkt Week 2 Team

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Week 2 Team Paper
Sean Kane, Chris Benson, Douglas Cabral, Brittany Dings, and Chris Loeffler
April 1, 2014
Mark Glasier

Week 2 Team Paper
The Apple, Inc. company is the one we choose to work with in providing a new product/service for the public. Within this paper we will give you an overview of the Apple Inc. company. Provide you with a new product/service that will significantly affect the everyday lives of Apple Inc. users. This paper will explain the importance of marketing to Apple Inc. continual success. We will go through a SWOTT analysis that will focus on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends on the new product/service we provide. To close the paper will show the marketing research approach that will be used to develop the marketing strategy and tactics for the new product/service. Apple, Inc. is a company that focuses on exceling in the mobile communication, personal computers, and portable music industry. Apple also sells a series on software, digital applications, and networking solutions. As of May of 2013 the market cap for Apple was set at $416.62 billion. They also were voted #1 on the Forbes list of “World’s Most Valuable Brands” and in “Market Value.” Since 1976, when Apple was founded by the late Steve Jobs, Steve Wazniak, and Ronald Wayne, has come a long way and topped charts of how powerful and successful they had become. During the first five years of production and operations, Apple managed to double their revenues every four months with an average growth rate of over 700%. Apple dabbled in digital photography, TV applications, and even something similar to a Discman, however they did not succeed. They followed the trends of consumer purchasing and wanted to create their own product to compete in the market and become profitable. Once the millennium hit Apple began growing rapidly and creating more…...

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