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Mkt10007 - Assessment 3: Team Marketing Strategy

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Fundamentals of Marketing
Apple iPhone 6


Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Section One 4 3.1 Industry Overview 4 3.2 Competitors 5 3.2.1 Samsung 5 3.2.2 HTC 6 3.3 Key player of importance 6 3.4 Technology Trends 6 3.5 Demographic Trends 7 4. Section Two : Segmentation 8 4.1 Consumer Characteristics 8 4.2 Segmentation Framework 9 4.3 Segment Profiles 9 5. Conclusion 11 6. References 11

Executive Summary

Apple’s iPhone is a leader in the global smartphone market with 231.2 million units sold in 2015 (Villapaz 2015). Although the number of mobile phone users continues to increase, the smartphone market has seen some decline. This report presents the background information required for Apple to further their iPhone 6 marketing efforts.

The following report carries out a detailed environmental analysis to support strategic marketing. Over two sections, the report presents information about the demographic and consumer segmentation to explore the purchase decision for an Apple iPhone 6.

Section one has an industry outline and breakdown, followed by research on competitors, industry, product trends, and demographics of the target market. It looks at the risks and opportunities that could result from technological development or a shift in the demographic. The second section presents an overview of the consumer. Segmentation of the consumers directly relevant to the purchasing decision of the Apple iPhone 6 is identified.

The environmental analysis in this report, including competitor, supplier, and demographic information, will support Apple to market the iPhone 6 for maximum effect. If the trend of decreased spending in the smartphone market continues, this environmental analysis, coupled with the detailed market...

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