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Mkt421 Marketing Plan Phase Iii Starbucks

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Marketing Plan Phase III
December 1, 2013
Pareesa Naveed

Marketing Plan Phase III

Incorporating a home delivery and catering service for Starbucks is a different and exciting avenue the company will be taking to expand their products and services to their customers. The attributes of these services differ from Starbucks other service. This overview will look at the different attributes of the product along with the life cycle of the new services provided. Starbucks has already differentiated its products in the market as some of the finest atmosphere oriented coffees on the market. Starbucks will employ, differentiate, and position strategies to separate its new services. They will also have use an appropriate pricing strategy for these new services. This overview will evaluate how Starbucks will use these strategies to provide the best marketing for the new services they intend to provide.

Starbuck’s new coffee home delivery is available for customers to sign up online or in a store. Starbucks coffee lovers can have the coffee they love delivered to their front door monthly. The convenient sign up process will provide the customer with an auto-shipment of coffee direct from Starbucks monthly. The customer selects the date and duration between shipments. Consumers quickly sign up with a credit card and receive their Starbuck’s coffee delivered to their home every month without worrying about purchasing coffee at a retail location. Coffee lovers can have the Starbucks products they love available to brew right inside their homes. Their customers canhave their favorite coffee right from their own kitchen, at any time of the day.

Starbucks catering service will add the finishing touch to any business meeting, corporate party, bridal shower, or any other coffee lover’s event. The entire Starbucks line of products are available through...

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