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1.0. Introduction
Chatime is one of the biggest milktea manufacturers in Taiwan. Chatime was first introduced in 2003.Chatime strategy by combining both high quality tea with Taiwanese bubble pearl bring a big success to Chatime and makes it becomes the market leader of milktea drinks in several countries. The success of Chatime can be seen by it has so many outlets, 800 franchises, all around the world. They are Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, US, Uk, Australia and 12 other countries besides South Africa. Chatime has so many flavors for the tea drinks provided to the consumers with unique taste, fresh brewed tea and fresh ingredients.
As Chatime decided to introduce its products to the worldwide by becoming a “Global brand with local flavor”, Chatime needs to makes the products with local tastes and meet the cultures in every country.
In home country market, Taiwan, The demand for Chatime can be considered high. It is supported by the level of income of Taiwanese people is quite high and the good taste of Chatime products as well. The booming of milktea drinks factor also become the factors why Chatime drinks demand is very high.
Since Chatime still does not have the outlets in South Africa, Chatime needs to considerate to open the market in South Africa to expand the business. As now South Africa is a very fast developing. Besides that, there is a local brand tea in South Africa named rooibos which is very popular for South African people. The report from Euromonitor International (2013) indicates that the tea which has benefit for health and such as rooibos will experience a strong consumer demand. Hence, as Chatime has similar taste with rooibos and also could make products with local taste, it would be a good opportunity for Chatime to expand their business to South Africa.
Lastly, this report’s purpose is to make a report about the economic and financial,...

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