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Professional Sports Seniority System


Overview and History of the MLB CBA

Major League Baseball (MLB) Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) was agreed upon on December 12, 2011, and ends December 1, 2016. The CBA agreement is a five-year agreement between to 30 Major League Clubs and the MLB Players Association (MLBPA). According to the MLBPA CBA (2011), “Clubs and the MLBPA entering CBA agreement on certain terms and conditions of employment of all MLB players for duration of CBA agreement”. The MLB CBA establishes guidelines for proper protocol for contact negotiations, grievances, arbitration, Uniform Player Contracts, specified determination of a player’s playing status, and other key components that must bet set in place between the Clubs and the Player’s. The CBA also covers the use of sports agents and the guidelines they must follow. According to the MLB CBA agreement, “a player may designate an agent to conduct on his behalf, or assist him in, negotiations of individual salary and/or Special Covenants to be included in his Uniform Player Contract”. In terms of the Uniform Player Contract, specified salary minimums are established for each year the CBA is in play for MLB players and Minor League Players. The CBA agreement establishes a baseline for the MLBPA as sole and exclusive collective bargaining agent for all MLB players, and individuals who may become MLB players during the term of the CBA agreement. According to the MLBPA CBA, “an individual Player is entitled to negotiate in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Agreement (1) an individual salary over and above the minimum requirements established by this Agreement and (2) Special Covenants to be included in an individual Uniform Player’s Contract, which actually or potentially provide additional benefits to the Player”.
The history behind the CBA...

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