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How will the MBL summer internship experience contribute to your short term and long term career goals? What can you contribute to your selected business group?

The MLB summer internship experience will contribute to my short term and long term career goals in several ways. First, because the MLB is the highest level of play in professional baseball, an internship would allow me to fulfill a life-long dream of being associated with a renowned organization that produces and nurtures world class talent. Secondly, the opportunity to be exposed to professionals who have superior skills and abilities, as well as proven records of leadership, would allow me to learn from the best. This experience would position me to build upon a broad knowledge base and allow me to contribute at a high level. Finally, I want to grow in the business from the ground up. Whether it is counting balls , cleaning lockers, selling tickets, or playing the game, the more I know about all aspects of the profession and industry, the more efficient I can be in preparing for my career in baseball as I incorporate my love for the game with a career that will be financially profitable as well as gratifying personally. As a result, I will have satisfied both my long and short term career accomplishments.

After reviewing the business and operations sectors offered by MLB, I feel that I can make the most meaningful contributions in the following areas:

1. Photos and Publishing
2. Recruitment and Diversity
3. Advertising and Marketing

Photos and Publishing
Photography has been my hobby since middle school years. I served as photographer for class year books at both my middle school and high school and received special recognition for my contributions and creativity in photography. My skills continued to develop as I took motion photographs of team mates while playing ball. I expanded my...

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