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Mlb Playoffs Change

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My persuasive essay is on the MLB ( Major League Baseball ) adding more teams to the playoffs. The reason I am writing my persuasive essay on this topic is because I am a baseball fan myself, and would like to get the message across to all of you on expanding the MLB playoffs. Over the past several decades, there has been four teams from each league to make the playoffs. The Detroit Tigers are my favorite team and they are often one of the team that gets barely eliminated from getting into the playoffs. They're often the fifth best team, but only four teams make it. There is another reason why I feel that the playoffs should expand to five, six, or eight teams as people often express their frustration over peaking teams facing early elimination. I always feel bad when I see those teams who had an amazing year but still don't make it because one other team was only one win better than them. Or even a team with a worse record makes it just because they were the division winners, but in a weak division. That is why I have chosen this as my essay topic. The way the MLB playoffs work can be complicated but I won't get in to that. What I will get in to is why there should be more teams that make the playoffs. There are many reasons why the postseason (playoffs) should be expanded but here are some of the most important. Income: According to TG Sports almost everyone involved in the MLB would earn more money. This would include the MLB, the owners, the players, and even the vendors at games earning more. Also, as mentioned above, more deserving teams with a great season would have a better shot at winning the bonus money contracts linked to World Series. In addition, the regular season would be more interesting with more teams being able to get to the playoffs. More teams would be in contention for winning a championship, improved television ratings, and better…...

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