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Surveying the thousands of fans that attend each major league game would be a nearly impossible task. Therefore, the approach of sampling a portion of the population was used to accurately identify all elements that could possibly affect the issue and then list them in a Data Set (Illustration A). The Data Set consists of thirty (30) Major League Baseball (MLB) teams and lists them by names, each team’s salary, annual attendance for each team, winning, and size capacity of each stadium. The probability sampling design in this research study allows each of the elements to be weighed and ranked to identify the team that leads in a specific area or ranks last in a specific area.

This sampling size is appropriate because it uses the entire attendance population. The particular design chosen to represent the data is a proportionate stratified random sampling because each team’s characteristics can be evenly used and accurately compared among the other teams; therefore, identifying what segment contributes to the team’s successful winning record

To collect accurate data Team A collected data on wins, season attendance, attendance to wins, number of home games, and season attendance to max attendance in the league. Please see below graphical formats. Primary data collection methods in this particular research would be difficult as to collect accurate data we would have to interview teams, attend games, and conduct surveys or questionnaires. Team A has relied on data that has been collected from MLB researchers and the know experts in this field.

Most research data that is found today points to the fact that attendance is heavily dependent upon team success. In 2000, baseball commissioner Allan (Bud) Selig commissioned a study called the Blue Ribbon Panel on Baseball Economics (Denaux et al. 2011). His fear that the league was becoming less viable to the fans and revenue retention was threatened. Many steps were taken to level the field and help low-revenue teams and also to reform the amateur draft system (Denaux et al. 2011).

Illustration 1



Denaux, Z. S., Denaux, D. A., Yalcin, Y., Factors Affecting Attendance of Major League Baseball: Revisited; May 26, 2011.

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