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Mm578 Writing Tips for Success

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MKTG578 Instant Writing Tips to enhance your writing effectiveness

Having facilitated several MKTG578 courses, I have noticed a consistent string of grammar, punctuation, or syntax (words incorrectly positioned in a sentence) errors that seemingly appear over and over again in my adult learners' papers. As ALL written submissions are evaluated for their graduate-level writing, it is time to grab the bull by the horns and eliminate those pesky habits that one has developed over the years!

To help you get a FAST start, please review the following… and demonstrate to me your assimilation of each in your written assignment submissions and threaded discussion postings!

1. A good paragraph focuses on ONE theme of thought. The best paragraphs are those that do not exceed 6-8 lines. Paragraphs that are longer than 6-8 lines result in the human eye becoming "lost in a sea of of words." You will note this paragraph is five lines; it is much easier to read than a paragraph that would have, e.g., fourteen lines. Always ask yourself whether you are attempting to write more than necessary.

2. Notice the above paragraph. The last word is necessary. Because it stands by itself, that one word is called a "widow." Try to avoid widows when writing.

3. The best sentences are those that contain FEWER than 25 words. The longer the sentence, the more punctuation is required… and the more difficulty a person has reading AND comprehending that which you have written. On the other hand, sentences that are too short sound "jerky." Examples:

Improper use of short sentences -- I think that he is wrong. He should know that, though. Not everyone thinks his way. His thinking is limited. Thus, he annoys people.

Better phraseology -- I think that he is wrong. He should know, though, that not everyone thinks...

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