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Different aspects of the concept of ‘rationality’ and how these are identified in different management theories

Rationality in today’s world has become a significant facet of management in organizations. Rationality as a whole can be defined as the ability of being consistent with or based on logic (Rona-Tas, 2007). A more appropriate definition for rationality in management for this essay is, described by Simon (1972) as a style of behaviour that is appropriate to the achievement of given goals, within the limits imposed by given conditions and constraints. The principal meaning of rationality is a condition of consistency among choices made from different sets of alternatives. In his view, rationality is defined by the existence of a preference relation which is complete and transitive (Arrow, 1996) .The essay is concerned with giving a brief overview of rationality and it will also discuss the different aspects on the concept of rationality identified in different management theories.

Types of Rationality

Rational behaviour is behaviour in accordance with reason, behaviour that in some sense serves the actor’s interests. Most writers seem to accept that rationality is an essential premise for any science of economics. In so far as economics is a science of human action, there seems to be little one can say of action, which is unreasonable. However, much work has gone into distinguishing alternative concepts of rationality, which it is suggested, could serve as this premise (Hargreaves Heap, 1989). In particular, following Max Weber, academics have distinguished between a range of rationalities including instrumental, value, substantive, procedural and expressive rationality. Lagueux (2010) has convincingly shown that some of these are not alternative concepts, but the same concepts seen from different angles. For example, substantive rationality describes decisions that do in fact promote the goals of the actor, while procedural rationality describes the process of arriving at those decisions. It is difficult to see how a process of decision-making, which leads to substantively non-rational behaviour, can be regarded as procedurally rational, and vice versa. The opposite of substantive rationality is not some other kind of rationality but irrationality.
A similar approach might be applied to value rationality. It is held that it is instrumentally rational to behave in a way which promotes a particular goal, but the selection of the goal itself is an instance of value rationality: it is said to be more rational to select some goals than others, life over death, pleasure over pain, and so on. However, this appears to rest on confusion. If goals are truly ends, then they are not selected by agents at all, but given to reason by the passions to which “reason is … slave” (Hume, 1888). On the other hand, if agents select them, then they are selected as a means – a means to an end lying beyond them, an end which is itself given to reason by the passions. This is not to say that there are not higher and lower goals, only that it is inappropriate to deem them the spheres of different kinds of rationality, and, in particular, that it is ‘value-rational’ to adopt some high-level goals and ‘value-irrational’ to adopt others.

Rationality in Bureaucratic and Post-Bureaucratic Organizations

Weber’s mainstream approach identified that, the rise of bureaucracy in organizations was considered to be inevitable (Grey, 2013). Bureaucracy normally means rational legal authority with respect to organizations. Grey (2006) describes a bureaucratic organization to be the kind of organization that arises from the wide-ranging application of the rational-legal principle. It incorporates a series of hierarchical relationships and rules. With regard to rationality in bureaucratic organizations, it can be believed that, the rationality of bureaucracy dwells in the system of rules, not in the arbitration of individuals. However, this does not involve those who are high up in the organization (Grey, 2013). These people are the ones who create the rules and those who preserve a clear amount of discretion. Bureaucracy sets up a contradiction of individual and systematic rationality from its origin (Grey, 2013). Although most academics believe that the organizing policy of bureaucratic organizations is forced with tasks of a specific kind, it is effective in situations where very large numbers of compatible, standard operations are required. For example, mass production of cars. Also a rigid chain of command is preferred specifically where there is little initiative or training required. This is merely because the only thing employees must do is follow rules and orders (Grey, 2013). Grey (2006) deems that such conditions of work no longer exist or are increasingly rare. It has been claimed since the 1970s that these industrial settings gave way to a ‘post-industrial’ era, which is also known as post-bureaucratic era (Grey, 2006). The fundamental reason behind this shift was that people desired to be more productive and innovative rather than just obey rules and commands. Post-bureaucratic organizations In contrast to bureaucratic organizations, place much more prominence on the usage of language and also portray a form of truth (Howells, 2012).

Various Management Theories

Grey (2013) describes bureaucracies to be rational in one particular sense of the word. This is otherwise known as Formal or Instrumental rationality. Principally, instrumental rationality focuses on how to organize and it is concerned more about doing the thing right (Grey, 2013). The other form of rationality is known to be Value or Substantive rationality. While substantive rationality focuses on why to organize. It is steered by morals and ethics and also it is concerned more about in doing the right thing (Grey, 2006). Both instrumental and substantive rationality have there own resolves from an organizational perspective. Grey (2013) states that, on one side there is instrumental rationality, which serves the purpose of considering the means adopted to achieve a specific end are the most efficient of the lot. However, substantive rationality concentrates on the question that, if the ends of action were in and of themselves rational.

Recognizing rationality in various management theories.


The main behind substantive rationality being termed as value rationality is because of its emphasis on value judgement. This value judgement is valuable when it has to be decided if the outcome is rational (Grey, 2006).) Grey (2013) mentions that, bureaucratic organizations are generally contemplated to be formally rational. This clearly signifies that bureaucratic organizations are not substantively rational. Bureaucracies don’t give prominence to the field of substantive rationality, as they are appealed by the way things are done and not with the end point. Therefore it can be said that bureaucracies don’t consider substantive rationality and ethics (Grey, 2013). Their primarily concern is about getting the job done as swiftly and simply as possible. The example chosen here is child pornography. From a general point of view, child pornography is considered to be cruel and immoral. Most people might deem it irrational because it abuses children as sex objects rather than people with rights and values. Therefore the particular organization would not have a substantive rationality even though that organization is proficient in making child pornography and at the same time is being instrumentally rational (Grey, 2006).

A good example to help clarify the concepts of instrumental rationality is calls centres. Bureaucracy and post-bureaucracy both display unjust views of efficiency and rationality. In post-bureaucracy, Grey (2006) indicates that, when the shift process is actually occurring, the whole basis of the shift towards these new organizational forms will lead to reducing profitability and decreasing competitiveness. Now to the example of call centres, the standard and stereotypical process in all call centres is to make the customer anticipate and press distinct buttons for different options They make the customer wait in caller queue and it only after a while that they respond with their services. This has proved to be a very low-cost way of managing inquiries. This is inevitably profitable and efficient for the company as the caller is now doing the work for which they to pay employees in the past. Although, in some cases the caller has to pay for this service if the call isn’t toll free. So essentially, from the caller’s opinion, it is inefficient as it includes a waste of money, time and could lead to frustration because of a less personalized service (Grey, 2006).

Scientific Management

Most researchers, particularly Ritzer (2010) believe McDonaldization to be a significant point of scientific management. Ritzer (2010) describes McDonaldization to be a process by which fast food restaurants are rapidly dominating more and more sectors of the world, especially the American Market. It is obvious that McDonaldization confines its employees from exercising their intellect as it relies on its stringent rules and regulations (Wilson, 2004). Wilson (2004) also mentions about Weber’s iron cage of rationalization. Ritzer’s observations and concepts are opposed by Parker (1998), who argues that the services offered at Mcdonald’s are not as good as they used to be in traditional restaurants. Wilson (2004) has also found resemblances between fast food restaurants and credit cards. One of the most significant similarities observed is that, both fast food restaurants and credit cards rely on advertising and symbolize radical change. Fast food hamburgers and credit card loans are being operated in a rationalized system. Wilson (2004) also suggests that McDonald’s will remain prominent until the nature of society changes to an extent that the world becomes more rational.

Human Relations Theory

Rationality in Human relations theory can be branded to be instrumental in nature (Grey, 2013). To support this, Rose (2005) equates the work and commitment of Val and Dave towards their telesales personnel. Val demonstrates a clear example of the human relations theory with her approach towards her employees, as she is very understanding, especially when she recognises their anxieties and motivates them to work harder. However, Dave on the other hand employs the scientific management method. This is shown when Dave avoids all human contact with his employees and treats them as economically motivated machines (Rose, 2005). Rose (2005) also states that the real difference between scientific management and human relations theory is a tactical one. If it’s considered to be the real difference, it would be insensitive to refute it, simply because the two methods create different working environments and situations which will ultimately be experienced as such by employees functioning in the organization. Thus, Rose (2005) states that, they are considered to be instrumental of rationality.


Hence lastly, it can be assumed that, rationality is imperative and effective at all stages in the organizations. Different theorists converge on the same argument despite them having different opinions on rationality (Simon, 1972). There is conclusive evidence as demonstrated in this essay that various aspects of rationality are prevalent in various management theories today.

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Operations Research -- Sample Homework Assignments

...56:171 Operations Research mmmmmmm 56:171mmmmmmm Operations Research -- Sample Homework Assignments Fall 1997 Dennis Bricker Dept. of Industrial Engineering University of Iowa mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm Homework #1 mmmmmmmmm Linear Programming Model Formulation: Formulate a Linear Programming model for each problem below, and solve it using LINDO (available on the HP-UX workstations, or you may use the software packaged with the textbook.) Be sure to state precisely the definitions of your decision variables, and explain in a few words the purpose of each type of constraint. Write a few words to state what the optimal solution is (i.e., without making use of variable names). (For instructions on LINDO, see §4.7 and the appendix of chapter 4 of the text.) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 1. Exercise #4, page 113 (Walnut Orchard Farms) "Walnut Orchard has two farms that grow wheat and corn. Because of differing soil conditions, there are differences in the yields and costs of growing crops on the two farms. The yields and costs are Farm 1 Farm 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Corn yield/acre Cost/acre of corn Wheat yield/acre Cost/acre of wheat 500 bushels $100 400 bushels $90 650 bushels $120 350 bushels $80 Each farm has 100 acres available for cultivation; 11,000 bushels of wheat and 7000 bushels of corn must be grown. Determine a planting plan that will minimize the cost of meeting these demands.......

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Powerful Sleep

...Powerful Sleep – Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock by Kacper M. Postawski, Copyright © 2004 All 1 Rights Reserved Powerful Sleep – Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock by Kacper M. Postawski, Table of Contents Disclaimer: ________________________________________________________________5 Introduction _______________________________________________________________6 The Popular Myth about Sleeping ________________________________________________ 6 Recent “Eye Opening” Discoveries ________________________________________________ 7 How Much Sleep Do You Really Need? ____________________________________________ 7 The Mystery of Quality Sleep ____________________________________________________ 7 Chapter 1: Sleep Mechanics __________________________________________________9 What is Sleep, and Why Do We Sleep? __________________________________________9 Your Crash Course on Brain Waves ______________________________________________ 9 The 5 Stages of Sleep ___________________________________________________________ 9 Sleep Cycles __________________________________________________________________ 11 How Important is Deep Sleep? __________________________________________________ 13 How Important is REM Sleep? __________________________________________________ 13 So what is Quality Sleep?_______________________________________________________ 14 Chapter 2: The Inner Sleep......

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El Tesoro de Ricardo Petaca

...Introducción La desenfrenada euforia y presión que cargan sobre un adolescente que cursa 2do y 3er año del Ciclo Técnico en la Escuela Industrial Superior pero que busca inconscientemente otra cosa, otra cosa que más bien es instintiva, como un impulso primario natural, y que además tiene aspiraciones artísticas como teatro, dibujo y literatura, pero que siente la mirada constante e insistente de su propia responsabilidad y ambición que lo obligan a exigirse todo lo que sabe que puede lograr para no defraudarse a sí mismo, todo esto sumado a una ideología que se basa en el delirio voluntario y la descarga de tensiones por medio de la expresión sin el más mínimo sentido y sin miedo al qué dirán, criticando a la juventud masiva y sin criterio propio del cual se está plagando el mundo; todos estos factores influenciaron al autor a enchufarse en su computadora y a escribir lo que primero le viniese a la mente, lo que se cruzase de forma más torcida, lo que lo hiciese reír a él mismo, esto era lo que seleccionaba para su texto. Lo que se empezó a formar era un montón de “delirancias”, que mágicamente empezaron a tomar forma, trama y hasta un profundo dramatismo. Una vez estructurado ya no había más que hacerle, ya había cobrado vida propia, solo restaba seguir escribiendo hasta que simplemente decida terminarse. El absurdo no es ni ficción ni realismo fantástico, es el arte de saber volar más allá de la imaginación (ya que esa es zona de la ficción), hay que despegar con mucha...

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A Raisin in the Sun

...LORRAINE ANSBERRY H A Raisinin the Sun Characters RUTH YOUNGER TRAVIS YOUNGER WALTER LEE YOUNGER (BROTHER) BENEATHA YOUNGER LENA YOUNGER (MAMA) JOSEPH ASAGAI GEORGE MURCHISON MRS. JOHNSON KARL LINDNER BOBO MOVING MEN The action of the playis set in Chicago's side, sometime South between World War II and thepresent. Act I Scene I Friday morning. Scene II Thefollowing morning. Act II Scene I Later, thesame day. Scene II Friday night, a few later. weeks Scene III Moving day, one later. week Act III An hour later. ACT I SCENEI The YOUNGER living room would comfortable wellbe a and ordered roomifitwere for a not number of indestructible contradictions to this stateofbeing. furnishings andunIts typical are 486 Lorraine Hansberry distinguished and their primary feature now is that they have clearly had to accommodate the livingof too many people too for many years—and they aretired.Still,we can seethatatsome time, a time probably no longer rememberedby the (except perfamily haps for MAMA),the furnishings this room were actually selected of with care and love and even hope—and brought tothis apartment and arranged with taste and pride. That was a long time ago. Now the once loved patternof the couch upholstery has to fight to show from under of itself acres crocheted doilies and couch covers which have themselvesfinally come to be more important than the upholstery. And hereatable or a chair has been moved to disguisetheworn places thecarpet; in but the......

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New Start

...Chapter 1 I Get What I Pay For Welcome to Red Grove. Population 200 “Now, two hundred and one,” I murmured as I passed the painted wooden sign in my trusty red Jeep. Small towns like Red Grove always made me think of horror movies as if a gap-toothed, overall-wearing butcher might hobble out of his deep woods shanty, pitchfork in hand, at any moment. The town had an off the charts creepy factor. On my right, a dark forest worthy of the Brothers Grimm. On my left, a cemetery edged in a weathered wrought iron fence. I think there were more than two hundred headstones. More dead than living. Nice. There must be some mistake. I came here to start over. Could a new life be hiding behind the unappealing rural exterior? My promised house remained a mystery. I double-checked the notebook with my father’s scrawled directions resting on the passenger’s seat next to me. Technically, I’d lived in Red Grove as a child, but we’d moved before I turned two. I didn’t remember the town at all or the residents, living or dead. I shifted my attention back to my driving. “Holy shit!” I proclaimed as I overcorrected the wheel, and my foot drifted from the gas. The man on the side of the road was so attractive I could’ve died—literally. He was planting something. A tree, I think. Every time his shovel hit the dirt, a ripple coursed through his shoulders and down his stomach. I raised an eyebrow at the glint of sun on tanned, shirtless skin. Dark hair, low slung jeans. I tried not......

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